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  Dr. Richard NeSmith presents:

Illinois Ecosystems...At Your Fingertips



1) Illinois ecosystems (ecological regions)

2) Illinois animals (fauna)

3) Illinois mammals

4) Illinois amphibians

5) Illinois reptiles

6) Illinois birds (aves)

7) Illinois fish (osteichthyes)

8) Illinois insects

9) Illinois rocks and land formations

10) Illinois soil and land use

11) Illinois trees

12) Illinois plants (flora)

13) Pollution in Illinois

14) Illinois State and Federal Parks

15) Illinois Natural Resources

16) Deciduous Forests

17) Wetlands

18) Lakes, Ponds, and Waterways



19) Ways to Incorporate Science into Your Classroom

20) Science Resources for Teacher

21) Free Items for Science Teachers

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Title 3
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Title 5




1) Illinois ecosystems (ecological regions)

50 Years of Change in Illinois Hill Prairies

This is a site that contains a great deal of information about how the prairies in Illinois have changed over the years. Kenneth R. Robertson, who is a botanist with the Illinois Natural History Survey, created this site.

Allerton Park

This site contains useful information and pictures of both a forest and an aquatic ecosystem found in east-central Illinois.

Beall Woods Nature Preserve

A great deal of information about Beall Woods Nature Preserve can be found on this page. This preserve is located in Mt. Carmel, Illinois. Anything you need to know about the area can be found on this page.

Bluff Spring Fen

This site information on Bluff Spring Fen which is a 91 acre complex of prairie, wetland and savanna communities. No other natural area in Illinois contains this assemblage of communities. A lot of information can be obtained from this site.

Cache Wetlands

This site contains information about the Cache Wetlands, which is located at the southern tip of Illinois. There is information about what can be found in the area also on the site.

The Changing Illinois Environment

This site contains information on the land and environment in Illinois and how it has changed over the years.

Chicago Wilderness

This is a group that works to protect, restore, study and manage the natural ecosystems of the Chicago region. This site also contains information on how to get involved. There is also a current list of events that can be attended in the Chicago land area.

DuPage Natural Areas Volunteer Restoration

This site contains a great deal of information on this group who is interested in preserving natural areas and restoring native Illinois ecosystems. Information on how to get involved can be found on this site.


This site allows you to choose between links of the ecosystems of Illinois. Each of the 5 links contains very valuable information about each of the ecosystems found in Illinois.

The Ecosystems Approach

This site discusses some of what is being done to preserve Illinois's ecosystems. It also has information on how to get involved with the program. This site also contains national and federal links on ecosystems.

Endangered Ecosystems

This site contains a web quest in which students work to create a model of one of the five ecosystems found in Illinois. The model will then be submitted and reviewed at a later date. It is a great way to get students learning about the ecosystems of Illinois.

Fox Ridge State Park

This is an area we are all somewhat familiar with from living in or near Charleston, Illinois. This contains a lot of in depth information that could be used in the upper grades.

Friends of the Chicago River

This is an organization that works to improve the Chicago River. This site contains information on the groups programs and projects as well as current news.

Fults Hill Prairie Natural Area

This site has a lot of valuable information about this area which is located in Chester, Illinois. The history of the area is located on the site as well as many other important facts.

Giant City State Park

On this site there is information about all aspects of Giant City State Park, which is located in Makanda, IL. Included are maps of the area, directions, and information on activities that can be done at the park.

Global Environment

This site discusses some of the ecosystems at risk. Other than Illinois, this site also contains links to information about the ecosystems of many of our surrounding states. It also contains an informational link for teachers.

Goose Lake State Natural Area

This site contains information on Goose Lake State Natural Area which is located in Morris, Illinois. This site gives direction to the area as well as many colorful pictures.

Kids For Trees

This site contains information on how kids can get involved in helping save the tress of Illinois. This site also contains valuable information for teachers. This site can also be for parents wanting their children to get involved.

Illinois Agricultural Areas Conservation and Preservation Act

 This site tells about the Illinois Agricultural Areas Conservation and Preservation Act which allows one or more landowners to voluntarily place their land into a protected district. This is a very informative site.

Illinois Beach State Park

This site contains information on the Illinois Beach State Park area. The park is opened all year, which would make it a great site for a field trip.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

This is a great site put out by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This site contains links with up to date information about each of the ecosystems of Illinois as well as other valuable information.

Illinois Ecosystems

This site contains information on each of the 5 natural ecosystems-prairies, wetlands, forests, lakes and rivers and streams. This site allows you to choose from each of the 5 natural ecosystems to learn more specific information about that particular ecosystem.

Illinois Forests

This site contains useful information about the forests in Illinois. It includes the types of animals, wildlife, insects, etc that can be found in the forests in Illinois. There are also many useful charts on this page.

Illinois Lake Management Association

This is a group that works to preserve the 84,000 lakes in Illinois. Also useful information about the lakes in Illinois can be found on this page.

Illinois Waterways

I believe this is an excellent for future teachers. On this site are examples of a classes research projects on Illinois Waterways. I think this would be a great lesson to use in any future classroom.

LaSalle Lake - State Fish & Wildlife Area

This site contains valuable information on all aspects of LaSalle Lake including, hours of operation, pictures, activities on site and much more…

Liberty Prairie Conservancy

This site contains information on the Liberty Prairie Conservancy, which is a non-profit organization that works to protect and enhance the Liberty Prairie Reserve and making the Reserve accessible to the public.

Little Grand Canyon

Included on this site are directions on how to get to the Little Grand Canyon and maps to the trails that are located there. There is also some informative information that can be found. I think this area would be fun for kids to see.

Meadowbrook Prairie Restoration

This is a site containing information about the Meadowbrook prairie, which is located in southeast Urbana. It contains the history of the land, a description of the land, and link to details of the Meadowbrook prairie.

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie is located in Wilmington, Illinois. This site contains information that would be very useful when learning about ecological areas of Illinois.

Museums in the Classroom

This site contains many great links about prairie chickens and the prairies in Illinois. This would be a great site for teachers because it contains activities for students and other of other great information.

Illinois Natural Divisions Map

This site contains a map of Illinois and all of its Natural Divisions. This could be useful for students to look at while being taught about the natural divisions in Illinois.

Natural Ecosystems of Illinois

This site contains brief information on forests, wetlands, and prairies or grasslands. This site also contains information on what exactly an ecosystem is.

North Branch Restoration Project

The North Branch Restoration Project is working to restore and manage the few remaining savannas, woodlands, forests and prairies along the North Branch of the Chicago River in the Cook County Forest Preserves. Great information on how to get involved can be found on this page.

Pere Marquette State Park

This site has information about Pere Marquette State Park, which is located in Grafton, Illinois. The information on the site includes: directions, a park map, information on lodging and camping, and information on recreational activities.

Prairie Ecosystems

This site contains information about the prairie ecosystem of Illinois. It contains some information about some of the animals that can be found in these prairie areas of Illinois. This also contains various information on the prairies of Illinois.

Prairies in the Prairie State

This site is sponsored by the Openlands Project and the Illinois State Museum. It contains many facts and a great deal of information about the prairies in Illinois.

Prairie Panoramas

This site contains 17 pictures over a nine-month period showing how a prairie in Illinois developed. Each pictures contains a brief caption of the land at that time.

Prairie Rivers Network

This is a site set up to encourage the protection of Illinois's Rivers. It contains a lot of information about the rivers in Illinois. It also contains information on how to get involved with the organization.

Rivers, Trails & Conservation

This site contains information of the rivers of Illinois. Such as, the county in which the river is located, the length of the river and other descriptive information on the river.

Save the Prairie Society

This is an organization in which their goal is to preserve and restore native landscapes for wildlife, education and quality of life in Illinois. There is a lot of valuable information on the prairies in Illinois. There is also some information on the site for kids.

Shawnee National Forest

The Shawnee National Forest is located in southern Illinois. One this site one can find detailed information about the forest.

Sierra Club

This site contains information on the Illinois chapter of the Sierra Club, which is an organization of over 25,000 individuals committed to protecting the environment of Illinois. Also on this site is information for students.

Siloam Springs State Park

This state park is located in Clayton, Illinois. On this site you can find numerous pictures of the state park as well as a lot of general information that can be used.  

Starved Rock State Park

This page provides maps, photos and directions for visiting Starved Rock State Park, which is located in Utica, Illinois.

Sweet Junk

This site contains information on NE Illinois' most diverse ecosystem, which existed within the Chicago Metropolitan Area-Wildflowers. On this site are links to numerous pictures of these wildflowers.

The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois

This site contains information a great deal about the prairies of Illinois. Such as formation, settlements, biodiversity, etc.

The Wetlands Initiative

This site contains information about the groups plan to obtain and restore the 25,000 acres of wetlands and backwaters along the Illinois River. This site contains information on how the wetlands once were and what they are like now.

Wetland Watchers

This site contains a lesson plan in which students are studying wetlands, prairies, and forests of the Chicago land area. It is a great lesson plan that includes the state goal and various subject connections.

Wolf Creek State Park

This site contains in depth information about Wolf Creek State Park, which is located in Windsor, Illinois. One this site you can find pictures along with valuable information.  


 2) Illinois animals (fauna)

Wild Ones

An array of interesting data that covers many topics.


3) Illinois mammals


This is an excellent web site for teachers. It provides different lessons for teaching students about mammals.


This is also another good web site for teachers to use in their classrooms. It lists different activities to use in the classroom for mammal units.

After Dark Friends

This is a really fun lesson plan. It involves research on nocturnal mammals. It’s great to use because it integrates subjects.

American Badgers in Illinois

This web site would be excellent for a research project or for teachers to obtain information. It lists detailed information on badgers and provides an example picture.

American Field Guide

This page is an activity about mammals. It provides usage of a video and discussion questions.

Animals A-Z

This is an interactive site about mammals in zoos in Illinois. You can click on the desired animal and it provides a picture and information of that mammal.

Animal Activities

This site is a fun way to integrate art into science. It has crafts and game ideas for certain mammals to use in the classroom.

Animal Channel

This site provides information on animal related issues. It contains videos and help information on mammals.

ASM/Mammals of Illinois

This site lists the orders of mammals in Illinois. It is very informative as well because it also gives other facts on the orders such as the number of species and their current status.

Backyard Jungle

This is a fun site for kids. It has interactive games and information and the kids are able to interact with other members.

Ballard Nature Center

This would be useful during a mammals unit because it has information on field trips.


This page would be great for a research project in the classroom. It is an article all about bats backgrounds and characteristics.

Bat Poems

This is an extremely cute web site. It has different poems and activities for learning about bats.


This is another page that contains excellent information on bats. It teaches students about the protection and value of bats among other things.


This site gives information on beavers in Illinois. It also contains pictures of beavers for references.


This is an excellent information site. It provides pictures and a history on each mammal.

Endangered and Threatened Species

This site provides a list of endangered and threatened mammals in Illinois from 1995.

Endangered Mammals: Images

This page provides pictures and information about endangered mammals and the cause of their endangerment. It also provides images that you can click on to enlarge.

Habitats of Mammals

This page describes the habitat of mammals in Illinois.

Illinois Possession

This page defines the laws of possession of mammals and the act that protects them.

Illinois Raptor Center

This site would be useful for teaching risks of interacting with unknown mammals. It gives a background on rabies, how to help prevent rabies, and Illinois statistics on wildlife rabies.

Illinois Virtual Forest

This site would be fun for kids. It lists informational tips about mammals and how to help improve their habitats.

Jumping Mice

This is great for younger students. It is an activity for creating jumping mice to correlate with teaching about this mammal.

Long-tailed Weasel

This site contains great information on weasels and contains a reference picture of one.

Make a Mammal

This has great integration of an Art and Science lesson for younger students. Students can create a mammal while learning about them.


This site gives activity options for teachers while incorporating the use of a book on mammals.

Mammal Activity

This is a lesson that teaches how to classify mammals.


This site relates mammals to personal everyday life. There are pictures of each mammal seen in this area with a description.

Mammals of Illinois

This web site is great for research. It lists the orders and families of class Mammalia found in Illinois.

Mammals: What are they?

This is an excellent hands-on unit for students. It incorporates activities, curriculum standards, and videos.

Marvelous Mammals

This is another page great for research. It also contains information and activities for students.

Microsoft Word-13Ms#9709

This web site gives an article of the background of researching and collecting data for Illinois mammals.

Nuisance Wildlife Problems

This web page lists information about the damage that these mammals can cause on houses and other buildings. It gives tips on how to prevent these problems without harming the animals.


This page would also be perfect for a research topic. It gives information on opossums such as their diet, reproduction, and adaptations.

Peoria Park District

This page provides links to other sites about mammals. It also gives a quick profile of the mammals.

Prairie Ecosystems:Animals:Mammals

This site gives information about mammals that live or lived on the prairies of Illinois. The site also allows one to click on the animal and it then lists facts and descriptions of each mammal.

Rabbits and Hares

This gives information on rabbits. It also discusses the differences between rabbits and hares.

Raccoon hollow

This is a fun page that has games on different mammals specifically the raccoon.

Raccoons and Ripe Corn

This is a very cute lesson plan. It incorporates a book about raccoons with an activity.

Red Fox

This contains information on the red fox along with a picture.

Skunk Article

This is an interesting article about the history of skunks as pets.


This is an informative article about Illinois squirrels. It has the differences between the different types of squirrels and relating pictures.

The Field Museum

This is an awesome web page. It allows one to click and view mammals as well as hear the sounds they make.

The Mammals

This web site consists of three days of information and activities. It’s a wonderful resource for teachers with guided questions, definitions, and videos.

The Mammals

This is a great web site for teacher ideas. It has key terms related to Illinois mammals and teaches the characteristics of each.

The Shrew Site

This site has information only on shrews. It also provides links to other sites about more shrew information.

What’s a Mammal?

This is a good introductory lesson. It can easily be adapted to the usage of Illinois Mammals only.

White-tailed Deer

This is a great lesson plan for students to understand the importance of this deer.

World Almanac for Kids

This site allows kids to explore facts about Illinois mammals. It contains games and information on the favorite mammal of the kids’ choice.

Yahooligans! Animals

This allows kids to search about desired mammals. It gives information and pictures.


4) Illinois amphibians

Illinois EE Calendar: Illinois' Amphibians and Reptiles

 Learn about the frogs, toads, salamanders, snakes, lizards and turtles of Illinois. Targeted to educators of grades kindergarten through six, this session will offer lessons about the basic anatomy and life history of these creatures as well as their care in the classroom and laws regarding keeping them in captivity.

 Snakes of Papua New Guinea

The Amphibians and Reptiles of Illinois, which became the benchmark reference for both amateur and professional herpetologists working in the state. To this day, this oft-cited volume serves as a critically important primary data source in the literature on the herpetofauna of Illinois.

Amphibians of Illinois

This site lists all of the amphibians of Illinois and has them grouped by class as well.  This would be helpful for a quick search for students to look up.

 The Amphibians and Reptiles of Logan County, Illinois

This site is about the amphibians and reptiles in Logan County and the research that was done about them.  This is an interesting study that shows patterns that have developed over the years.

Impact of Urban Fragmentation on Amphibians

This site is intended to provide background context for various quantitative studies that have recently completed or which are currently underway on habitat structure, amphibian population response to restoration activities, and genetics.

Great Lakes Ecosystem

On this site students can look up the study of amphibians and the discussion that goes with it as well.  This will be helpful when looking for patterns of where amphibians are located.

LaSalle County ROE

Illinois ENTICE is sponsored by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and coordinated by the Office of Land Management and Education. Attendance by educators at an Illinois ENTICE workshop can result in enhanced natural resources knowledge and new instructional methods, which, when shared with students, encourage and promote stewardship of our state's natural resources.

 Amphibian Count Database | List of References

This site has resources that are helpful in finding information out about amphibians that are located in Illinois.  These resources are listed alphabetically and are easy to find.

Frog Internet Resources

This site is helpful for finding sites about the states and their websites about amphibians.  When you get to the one about Illinois amphibians you can click on any county and it will tell you what amphibians are located there.

Frogs and Toads of the Chicago Region

This site gives an overview of Chicago Region habitats and their associated amphibian fauna. Contains the "Frogs' Eye View of Chicago," a generalized 1800s map of habitats.


On this website students can learn about the Earth and living things including amphibians by playing fun games and activities. They can also learn to do fun projects as well.

Illinois Endangered Amphibian

This site lists the amphibians that are endangered. This would be a good site to use for reports and the information is useful.

Time through Illinois’ Eyes

This website tells the story of the history of amphibians in Illinois. It talks about that during the Devonian time period is when the evolution of amphibians began and the names of them too.

Illinois State Museum

This site is about the museum and the different exhibits it displays.  One is all about Illinois Amphibians and has over 140,000 specimens to show.

Illinois Herpetological Resources

This site has links to several other sites that contain information about rescues, guides, and organizations all dedicated to the survival of amphibians.

Great Lakes Declining Amphibians Working Group

The Great Lakes Declining Amphibians Working Group is a Regional Working Group of the Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force, devoted to investigating the worldwide decline in amphibian populations. This site lists these amphibian populations that are declining with information about them as well.

Illinois Salamanders

Students can learn about salamanders through learning about their anatomy, life history, and looking through a gallery.

Chicago Region Amphibians and their Counties of Occurrence

This site summarizes the state of knowledge about Chicago region amphibians in early 2001.

The Chicago Herpetological Society

This site contains pictures of local amphibians and frogs.  This is helpful to link the name of these animals with a picture.

Chicago Wilderness Site

This site explains that the Chicago Wilderness coalition is an unprecedented alliance of more than 170 public and private organizations working together to protect, restore, study and manage the precious natural ecosystems of the Chicago region for the benefit of the public.

Amphibian Studies in Chicago Wilderness

This site provides an overview of past and present studies in our area.  It gives the reader an idea of what amphibians are around and how long they have been here.

 Illinois Amphibian and Reptile Distributions

This site has a list of range maps for all species of amphibians and reptiles that are found in Illinois. The range maps are based on lists of vouchered specimens supplied by collections around the United States.

Wild Orland

This site is about all of the amphibians that are around the Orland Park, IL area which is a south suburb of Chicago. This is useful to note the populations that occur there and the patterns that are developing.

Herps of Illinois

This site documents the Illinois Natural History amphibian and reptile collection, educational materials and related research and projects. The Amphibian and Reptile Field Guide notes sitings, range map with some photos and provides the status (endangered, threatened or on the watch list) of the state's herps.

Amphibians, Reptiles, and Fish of Southern Illinois

This is a list of the amphibians that are located in southern Illinois and there is also a picture of them as well as their class name.

Central Illinois Herpetology Society

On this site there are a collection of images of amphibians and reptiles.  The photos are arranged according to classification. These are all resources that are provided by Illinois herpetologists.

Amphibians and Reptiles of the Great Lakes Region

The Illinois Natural History Amphibian and Reptile Collection contains approximately 14,844 catalogued specimens, representing 55 families and over 550 species, which are all searchable online through their database.

Chicagoland Frogs

This site lists the different frogs and their names. It also includes their species name and has a button to click on to hear their calls.

Amphibians:Cyberslueth Kids

This is an online search engine and guide for the K-12 student. It is the creation of teachers and volunteers. There are very good pictures and sites appropriate for students that contain information about Illinois amphibians.

Checklist of Amphibian Species

This is an online guide to amphibians. It is helpful because you can locate where these amphibians are found and how populated they are in areas.

Threatened and Endangered Illinois wetland species

This site explains that there are roughly 197 threatened and endangered species in Illinois that depend on wetlands during some portion of their life cycle. It puts into perspective of just how many amphibians are becoming extinct.

Chicago Wilderness Habitat Project

This site is about the members that are trying to save the wild life. Also an interesting part is that it includes a part that has frog calls on it.

Illinois Frogs

This site has a graph with plotted results of where frogs can be sighted. You can look up any species and also go back until the year 1999.

Biogeography of Reptiles and Amphibians

On this site you can locate where amphibians are by state. There are also sites under each state that are related to both reptiles and amphibians.

Amphibian Guidelines

This site lists all of the guidelines for the breeding and caring of amphibians by state. This is interesting to look at the similarities and differences that go from state to state.

Amphibian Education

This site is useful to learn all about the different species of amphibians that are all around us. It is important for students to not only learn about the amphibians in our surroundings, but others as well.

Salamander History

This site discusses how scientists believe that amphibians evolved from the lobe-finned fish. This fish had primitive lungs and strong fins that were supported by bones and muscles.

Wetlands of Western Illinois

This website disuses the different types of wetlands. This is useful because it talks about what amphibians live in these different types of surroundings.

Illinois Ozarks

This place is knows for one of the greatest places on Earth, and how we can save it.  57 amphibians are located within the Ozarks and this site explains how you too can see them.

Deformed Frogs

This site is useful because not only does it show pictures of deformed frogs, but it shows how you can go about reporting the sightings of them as well.  This would be helpful while doing a project about how pollution can affect the wildlife.


Students can learn all about frogs through fun games and other links. They can also print pages to color and look through an art gallery.

Collections:Amphibians and Reptiles

This collection serves as a major research resource for the national and international scientific community, and it contains unique material of special historical and ecological significance. It has been recognized as one of the five largest and most representative collections of amphibians and reptiles in the United States.

Did Lungfish Evolve into Amphibians?

This is an interesting article that is about one man's research about his study. This would be something that students too could look into and form a report.

Shedd Aquarium

Through this website about the museum in Chicago, students can learn about the poisonous dart frog.  This is interesting for students to learn that frogs too can be poisonous.

Amphibian Webquest

Through this website students will learn all about the different amphibians that are all over the world. They will learn through a variety of activities and different links.

Illinois Department of Natural Resource

This is a lesson for students to do by using the library and the World Wide Web to locate information on Illinois rivers and streams . This includes the coverage of different areas of study and numerous websites to look at.

Amphibians and Reptiles of Illinois

This is a book online that is very informative about these populations in Illinois. This is helpful for students who want to know why we have these different populations in our state.

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists

This site is dedicated to the scientific study of fishes, amphibians and reptiles. The primary emphases of the Society are to increase knowledge about these organisms, to disseminate that knowledge through publications, conferences, symposia, and other means, and to encourage and support young scientists who will make future advances in these fields.

Illinois Endangered Amphibian

This site lists the amphibians that are endangered. This would be a good site to use for reports and the information is useful.

Great Lakes Ecosystem

On this site students can look up the study of amphibians and the discussion that goes with it as well.  This will be helpful when looking for patterns of where amphibians are located.


5) Illinois reptiles

Snake Anatomy

 This site talks about the anatomy of a snake. It goes into a good description of a snake’s body and it has a good picture of a King snake.

Aquatic turtles in Cook County

 This web page is an article written by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. It goes into detail about the types of aquatic turtles that can be found in Cook County as well as throughout Illinois.

Bull snake In A Bottle

 This website gives the stories of the author’s excursions to find snakes in the Champaign and Chicago areas. The site had good pictures.

Champaign County Amphibians and Reptiles

 This site lists every species of reptiles that can be found in Champaign County. It gives the scientific name as a link to a page describing the reptile

The Chicago Turtle Club

 This website is sponsored by a group in Chicago that loves turtles. They have a lot of information and different discussion forums. The students can find a lot of information about turtles in Illinois

Coles County Amphibians and Reptiles

 This site lists every species of reptiles that can be found in Coles County. It gives the scientific name as a link to a page describing the reptile.

Cricket Frog Variations

 This site talks about the different kinds of the common cricket frog that can be found. It talks about their habitat and where they can be found. It also has good pictures of different variations.

Turtle Tales

 This site provides different poems and stories about turtles. Personally, I think that they are kind of dumb but would be enjoyed by elementary aged children.

Turtle Maze

 This site gives a maze where the students have to get Cynthia snapper to the swamp. It would be a good activity to follow a lesson for first graders.

The Largest Turtle in the World

 This is an activity that can be done in your classroom. You can demonstrate the size of the largest turtle by using string and measuring it out. The site provides follow-up questions for the activity.

Reptiles and Amphibians

 This is the Illinois Department of Natural Resources home page. From this site you can access anything you’d like about Illinois’ reptiles. It would be good for students to use to do a project.

Illinois Snakes

The site about snakes is related to the department of natural resources. It talks about the different species of snakes in Illinois. It provides links to different sites for anatomy, terms, life history, conservation, and a gallery of pictures.

Illinois Turtles

 The site about snakes is related to the department of natural resources. It talks about the different species of turtles in Illinois. It provides links to different sites for anatomy, terms, life history, conservation, and a gallery of pictures.

State of Illinois Endangered and Threatened Amphibians and Reptiles

 This is a list of all endangered and threatened amphibians and reptiles within the state of Illinois. It gives both the common and scientific name of the species. This could be used in a project on endangers species of Illinois

All About Turtles

 This website is funded by the Gulf of Maine aquarium. It gives the students a multitude of pages they can discover to learn about turtles. They can go to any of the pages to see how turtles live and interact with their environment.

Taking Care of Box Turtles

 This site gives explicit instructions on how to raise a box turtle in a healthy manner. This would be a good reference for a teacher that wanted to have a box turtle as a class pet. It would also be a good thing for a student to research if they were thinking about getting a box turtle as a pet. It would show them how much work it really takes to raise it.

Herpetology in Illinois

 This site is an article by the Chicago Herpetological Society. It describes the different types of prairies and forests that can be found in Illinois and the different types of species you can find in each region throughout Illinois.

Herps of Illinois

 This site comes up with an ugly snake on the front page. This site has links that will direct you to different areas of the page based on what type of reptile you would like to look at. The page is organized into Salamanders, toads and frogs, turtles, lizards and snakes. When you scroll down the page you find the common name and the scientific name. If you click on one of the species it comes up with a description of that species.

Hibernation of Frogs and Turtles

 This page is a scientific article by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. It tells the dangers that frogs and  turtles face when winter arrives. It tells how the species actually dig holes in the ground and hibernate. This is for older students.

Illinois Amphibian and Reptile Distributions

This site provides two links at the bottom. You can search the distribution of reptiles by either county or species. This would be good for a project where they need to research the species in a certain area of Illinois.

Why Turtles should not be kept as pets

 This page describes in terms that children can understand why turtles should not be kept as pets. It tells what turtles do and don’t need. It ends with some follow up questions that could be useful for the students. This could be used in conjunction with the page on how to take care of turtles.

Illinois' Venomous Creatures Strike Back

 This particular page describes briefly the venomous snakes of Illinois.  It does however, go on to describe other venomous creatures that can be found in Illinois and to be completely honest, it has very creepy pictures and has successfully made me scared to go down in my basement.

INHS Amphibian & Reptile Collection Database

 This site provides a form that can be filled out to be able to search the entire database on reptiles. The only thing about this that can be negative, however, is that the student or teacher must know some information on the individual species they are trying to look up.

Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern Species

 This page gives information on the laws in Illinois that protects the endangered and threatened species of reptiles in Illinois. It gives you the specific details on what permits you have to have to catch a turtle and how it has to be caught. This is a good resource for a student doing a project on endangered reptiles.

In Search of Massasaugas

 This site describes the emergence of the Massasauga snakes in Illinois. It describes the time of year they come out and how it is hard to find them.

Ken’s Home Page

 A guy named Ken Felsman provides this site. He is a lover of snakes and has a lot of good information and pictures. He describes his own pet snakes and can tell you what it is like to raise one.

Kid’s Page

 This page has several coloring pages for young students to work on. They can easily be printed off for the teacher to distribute to the class.

Living with Snakes

 This page provides information about living with snakes. It doesn’t give too much info, but is still worth looking at.

Molting in Reptiles and Snakes

 This is a scientific article by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. It deals with the molting of snakes and reptiles in Illinois. It describes the process and explains how it does not hurt the animal. This would be an article that is appropriate for older children.

Mud/Musk Turtles

 This site provides links to all different types of mud and musk turtles that can be found in Illinois. If you were doing a project on this type of turtle this would be a good resource.

Box Turtles

 This is different site about the care of box turtles. It has links to different pages and provides a lot more information than the site listed above. I would still recommend reading the other along with this one because the other is written in terms a child could easily understand.

Painted Turtles

 This site provides a lot of information about the lives of painted turtles. It talks about their life cycle and what they eat. It is a good resource for research.

Prairie Ecosystems

 This site is provided by the Illinois Museums. It gives information on four snakes and two turtles that can be found in Illinois.

Reptiles of Illinois

 This page gives a list of species by order, suborder and species. This page is for older children that can understand the classification system. It allows for students to see where the specific species fit into the chain.

Winter Salamandering

 This page describes the lives of salamanders in Illinois. It deals with one man’s journey to find salamanders during the winter in Illinois.

Sangamon County Amphibians and Reptiles

 This site lists every species of reptiles that can be found in Sangamon County. It gives the scientific name as a link to a page describing the reptile.

The Great Moccasin Migration

 This page talks about the migration of Moccasins in Illinois. It would be a good source for someone researching moccasins in Illinois.

Amazing Turtle Food Maze

 This page contains a maze for younger children. They have to move through the maze and make good decisions about what the turtle can eat in order to make it through the maze.

Snake Key

This site shows a helpful diagram of the scales of a snake. It then proceeds to tell the different snakes that have this scale pattern.  This site would be helpful in analyzing the scale patterns of snakes.

Illinois Herpetological Resources  

This site provides a multitude of links to other websites about reptiles and amphibians both in Illinois and around the world.

States Hatch Warning Labels for Illinois

This is an article that tells of the dangers of hatching reptiles around children. The children have lower immune systems and as a result can catch some diseases that are carried by the reptiles. The article goes into depth about the specific diseases and the dangers.

Box Turtle Family Website

This site has good pictures of box turtles. It also has stories of the lives of each individual box turtle in the family. It has good information on turtles told in a story as if the turtles were telling it themselves.

List of general reptile and amphibian field guidebooks

 This site is a bibliography of good books on reptiles and amphibians. Some of these books may be useful when teaching a unit on this topic.

Anatomy of a Turtle

 This site has links to different pages that explains the anatomy of turtles. It goes through every system in the body of the turtle.

Turtles and Man

This site provides a brief history of the interactions between turtles and man. It talks about how their habitats sometimes coincide. It also has a nice table that translates the word turtle into a multitude of different languages.

Cayman Turtle Farm

This site actually provides live web cam views of turtles in tank habitats. The only downside is if you catch it at a time when it is dark then you cannot see any of the turtles. It is just a black screen.

Turtle Word Search

 This would be good for early elementary students. You can print out this page and have it as an activity they can do while you set up another lesson.

 This site provides free information in a multitude of different ways. There are pictures, bios on different species, classifieds, and even videos. This is a good research site.

Picture Gallery

This site provides literally thousands of pictures of any species of reptile or amphibian that you could ever want to look at. The downside is that you have to know the scientific name in order to go directly to the species you want to view.


This site is specifically designed for kids. This particular page offers a variety of information on several species of reptiles. The wonderful thing about this site is that you know it is safe for your young students to go to.


6) Illinois birds (aves)

Amazing Bird Adaptations

Lesson plan on bird adaptations.

Barbolink's Recent Bird Sightings

Dick E. Bird News (it's a real publication with a sense of humor).

Bird Banter

Birds communicate by songs and calls or other noises, like tapping and drumming. Courtship flights and dances are other ways birds communicate.

Bird Conservation Network

The Bird Conservation Network, or BCN, is a coalition of organizations with an interest in the conservation of birds in northeast Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and northwestern Indiana.

Birding in Illinois

Illinois Specialties (Pause your cursor on the photo to see the species name. Click on the birds for more info... ) Photo by J. R. Lyles...


BIRDNET provides information about ornithology, the scientific study of birds.

Birds Along the DuPage

At least 270 of the 309 bird species that regularly occur in the state can be found in the DuPage River basin.

Birds of a Feather

Lesson plan on birds found through the Illinois Dept of Natural Resources

Birds of Illinois

Orders and families of Illinois birds

Birds of McHenry County, Illinois
Comparisons. Light Line. Fledglings *Flying Birds Landing and Taking off. Birders Cam. Birds of McHenry County, Illinois...

Bird Watching in Jackson Park

Chicago's Lakefront is a noted hotspot for birding, with Wooded Island and Bobolink Meadow two prime targets for birdwatchers from around the world.

Cache River Wetlands and Surrounding Area

Birds of the Cache River Wetlands and the Surrounding Area.


Below are a few of the regions more unique, and precious species.

Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge

Bird Checklists of the United States Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge

Chicago Ornithological Society

Network (BCN), a coalition of organizations with an interest in the conservation of birds in northeastern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and...

Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge

Bird Checklists of the United States Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge

Defenders of Wildlife - Birds

Back to Bird Map. Wildlife: Birds ... State. Species. Illinois Tundra Swan. Greater White-fronted Goose. Green-winged Teal. Mallard. Northern...

Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge

Bird Checklists of the United States Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge

Visit this site to find out lots of information about specific birds.

Endangered Birds


Field Identification Guide Directory Birds

The primary reference for this guide is: The Birds of Illinois by H. David Bohlen, asst. curator zoology, the Illinois State Museum.

Forest and Grassland Birds in Illinois

Habitat Establishment, Enhancement and Management for Forest and Grassland Birds in Illinois

Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Bird Checklists of the United States Forest Preserve District of Cook County

House Plans

Find out how birds build their nests.

Hyde Park Chicago Birding

Peregrine Falcon Page - First Unitarian Church of Chicago. Illinois Birds. Here are some further resources on birding: National Audubon Society...

Illinois and Chicago Net-Birding

This site includes Illinois birding news, Chicago Area and Illinois Birding Information, Bird Conservation, Chicago Area Birding Organizations and Birding in Neighboring States.

Illinois Audubon Society: Projects

Chat More Illinois Birds. Home | Butterfly Garden Tour | Projects | Backyard Nature | Educational Resources News | Illinois Birds | Sanctuaries...

Illinois Bird of the Day

Photos of song birds (sparrows, finches, - Recent additions...Birds from Illinois (>110 species, >300 photos): Cardinals@Finches (5 species) Gold, House, Pine Siskin, Grosbeak

Illinois Birds

Species list, distribution map and detailed information on a large number of bird species found in Illinois.

Illinois Birds Lessons

This is a beautiful web page consisting of a whole unit on birds.

Illinois Photo Gallery of Rare Birds

Pics of rare IL birds -- most recent additions in red NEWEST ADDITION: White-winged Dove (04-17-01)

Illinois Raptor Center

A Pictorial Guide to Illinois Birds: Birds of Prey. Common Illinois Birds. Habitat Restoration Project. Restoration Diary Directory. Wildlife...

Illinois State Bird I

Cardinals are common birds in Illinois. If you are interested in what rare birds have been sighted in Illinois recently, call the Illinois State...

Illinois State Bird II

Birds of America (State Bird of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia)

Illinois, United States Birding Resources

Illinois` unique geographic location combined with its geologic past creates conditions ripe for a rich and diverse landscape, and thus, a rich and diverse bird life.

Lower Sangamon Valley

The Lower Sangamon River Valley is an important area for migrating birds, such as these American white pelicans.

Moving Day

More than one-third of the world's birds migrate. Migration is an instinct triggered by seasonal changes in weather and lack of food.

Our Birds: Illinois

Our Birds - Illinois 265 birds. Common Name. Common Loon. Pied-billed Grebe. Horned Grebe. Double-crested Cormorant. American Bittern. Least...

Quail Unlimited Information System

 Dedicated to the preservation and conservation of wildlife habitat.

The Birds of Fermilab

Pages containing the results of current survey of the birdlife found on the site of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Chicago, Illinois.

The Cranes

With a total estimated population of more than 500,000, the Sandhill Crane is the most abundant of the world’s cranes.

The Illinois Ornithological Society

A Website Dedicated to Illinois Birds and Birding

Threatened Birds

Threatened and endangered Illinois forest species

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Endangered, Threatened, Proposed, and Candidate Species in Region 3 of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Species common names are linked to more information)

Wild Birds Online

Causes of bird mortality.

Wild Bird Habitats Bird Links

Jack Siler's Birding Links One of the Best. Minnesota Birding. Illinois Birding. Pacific Northwest Birding.

7) Illinois fish (osteichthyes)

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon are often found in Illinois. This site contains information about this fish.

Bibliography of Sturgeons

A large list of books and resources about sturgeons, a fish commonly found in Illinois waters.


A web page that gives a great deal of information about carp, such as record catches, articles and pictures.

Class Osteichthyes

This site gives a list of osteichthyes; contains family, genus and common names.

Clubs and Organizations

Illinois fish clubs and organizations.

Entice Lessons

Illinois Department of Natural Resources presents Illinois-specific lesson plans compiled by IDNR educators and Illinois certified teachers.

Fish Advisories in Illinois

The Illinois Department of Public Health discusses which fish are contaminated and how they became so.

Fish Clip Art

A collection of fish clip art to use in classroom activities or as decoration! Several of the fish that can be found in Illinois are included.

Fish Farm

An article about Southern Illinois’ small ponds and lakes.

Fish Illinois

The Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council’s guide to fishing in Illinois contains information about fishing sites, a message board and a photo gallery for kids.

Fish of Illinois

This site contains a list of fish commonly found in Illinois. The list includes the scientific and common names of the fish.

Fish Populations in the Illinois River

Information about the number of different types of fish in the Illinois River; also includes graphs.

Fishing in the Illinois River

More information about fish found in the Illinois River (contains graphics).

Freshwater Eels as pets

Petco supplies information about keeping a freshwater eel as a pet! (Requires Adobe Acrobat to view).

Game and Fish Magazine

Game and Fish Magazine’s information about hunting and fishing in Illinois.

Getting to Know Illinois Fish

A lesson plan that involves Illinois fish.

Harvesting the River

This site takes a historical look at fishing in the Illinois River.

Historical Illinois Fish markets

A bit of information about the history of some Illinois fish markets (includes pictures).

A site that will tell you everything you want to know about fishing in Illinois!

Illinois Fish Advisory

The Illinois Department of Public Health gives a list of fish that should not be eaten or eaten sparingly. Information is divided into certain Illinois bodies of water.

Illinois Fish and Your Health

A list of the health benefits and risks associated with eating fish found in Illinois. This site also includes tips for cleaning and cooking fish.

Illinois Fish Reports

The Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council’s fishing reports. Reports are can be searched by area of Illinois.

Illinois Fish Records

A list of record fish catches in Illinois.

Illinois Fishing Trips

A list of several fishing trips planned in Illinois.

Illinois Recreation Areas

A collection of links to Illinois’ recreation sites.

Illinois State Fish Quiz

A quiz question about Illinois’ state fish. If you click on the correct answer, you will be presented with information about the fish.

Illinois River National Wildlife and Fish Refuges

To find out about refuge current events and policies, visit this site.

INHS Fish Collection

The Illinois Natural History Survey’s list of fish commonly found in Illinois.

Lake Trout

Information about the findings of lake trout in the Great Lakes.

Learn Illinois Symbols

A site dedicated to Illinois’ state symbols. It contains some information about Illinois’s state fish!


A site containing information about minnows.

Minnows and Carps

This site has information about two of Illinois’ common fish: the minnow and the carp.

National State Fish Art

State fish art – contains a list of winners, rules and regulations and information about the bluegill.


A list of osteichthyes (fish) characteristics.


A site filled with information about paddlefish, a fish commonly found in Illinois waters.

Paddlefish graphics

A collection of pictures of paddlefish.


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources gives information about pikes, a fish commonly found in Illinois. This site contains pictures of pikes.

Rainbow Smelt

Rainbow Smelt are commonly found in Illinois. This website has a great deal of information about this type of fish.

Region 3 Fisheries

This site contains links about two fisheries in Illinois.

Southern Illinois Fish Folk Art

A site about Pat Brown, an artist who creates different fish projects. His work includes fish that can be found in Southern Illinois lakes, rivers and streams.

SIUC Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale’s Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center information.

Sportsman’s Fishing Journal

Everything you need to know about Illinois regulations.

State Fish of the 50 States

Information about the state fish of the 50 states.

State Parks in Illinois

A list of places to go fishing (along with other outdoor activities) in Illinois.

Sucker Fish

A web page where you can read about sucker fish.

The Bluegill

A site containing information about Illinois’ state fish, the bluegill!

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services

This site contains links and phone numbers for offices and services in Illinois.

White Catfish

Visit this page to find information about the white catfish, a fish commonly found in Illinois.

Will on the Web

A site about events occurring in Will County, Illinois. Includes a link for fishing in Will County.

Yellow Perch

A site containing information about the Yellow Perch.


8) Illinois insects

Amazing Bee Cam

This is a series of video clips that show you the journey of a bee.

Bee Eyes

Learn and see what it would be like to look through the compound eyes of a bee.


This site contains pictures, directories, discussions, etc. about beetles.

Beginning Study of Insects

This site contains some basic information on insects. First there is a look at the anatomy of an adult insect and also a short story about the metamorphosis of  insects.

Bug Camp

This site provides photos and information about common insect orders of the Ryerson Woods.

The Bug Club

This site is for kids or anyone interested in bugs. You can ask any questions about bugs and an expert will give you the answers. This is also lots of links to other  insect related sites.

Bug Food

This site will show you everything that you ever wanted to know about insects as people food. This site includes history facts from around the world and even a few recipes.


This site gives you a bingo-like game to play to learn about insects. They give you player game cards, templates for overhead transparencies or display sheets, information about each insect and instructions on how to play.

The Bug Hunters

This site tells you where you can find particular bugs and how to collect them or draw them to you.


This site aims to help you really see insects for the miniature marvels they represent and to understand how intertwined our cultures have become with these alien creatures.

Bug Scavenger Hunt  

This site offers a lesson plan for kids to go on a bug scavenger hunt. It also gives you printouts of the materials needed to record information about the insects.

Butterflies of Illinois

This site is from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, it contains photos, descriptions, and textual species accounts of butterflies found in Illinois. It also includes a map of Illinois that depicts the countries in which each particular butterfly can be found.

Butterfly Website Photo Gallery

This site contains tons of moth and butterfly pictures.

Children’s Butterfly Site

This site contains a wide range of information that is easy for kids to understand and follow.

Collecting and Preserving Insects

This site shows you different ways to collect and preserve insects. They give you simple steps to follow and the materials needed.

Creepy Crawlies

This site gives lots of information on bugs and it also gives links to a lot of other insect related sites.

Dragonfly Website

This site contains articles, a photo gallery, conservation alerts, volunteer information, links, pen pals, and how to create a backyard habitat.

3-D Insects

 This site shows you how insects actually move up close. You can also learn information about these insects.

Entomology Image Gallery

This site provides pictures of insects at a very close up view. It also provides lots of information when you click on the particular insect you are interested in.

Entomology Index of Internet Resources

This is an Entomology Search Engine set up by Iowa State University. A great source for all kinds of insect information and pictures.


This is a fun site where you can learn all about those terrible head lice.

House Fly

This site gives you information about the house fly. It also contains a labeled picture of all the body parts of the house fly.

How to Collect and Preserve Insects

This site is easy for people of all ages to understand. It teaches you how to collect and preserve insects. It also has other links with useful insect information.

Illinois Insects Kids for Conservation

This site contains pictures and descriptions of common insects that live in Illinois. It also contains drawings and poems done by kids about insects. There is also an interview with a professional who works for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Illinois Moths and Butterflies

This site contains information about 2,000 species of butterflies and moth members of the insect Order Lepidoptera that are found in Illinois. This site also gives descriptions of the stages butterflies and moths go through during their life cycles, their physical characteristics, and contact info for further research.

Insecta Inspecta World

This site is very colorful and easy to follow. It talks about bugs all over the world. It allows you to click on specific types of bugs to find out about them.


This site has tons of information on many different insects. It tells you in detail a description of the body of a typical insect and much more.

Insect, Disease, and History

This site is devoted to understanding the impact that insects have had on world history.

Insect Learning Page

This site contains lesson plans on insects for grades preschool through second grade. It also gives you directions on how to set up an insects learning center.

Insect Lesson Plans

This site contains 28 different lesson plans integrated with information sheets about insects for grades Kindergarten through grade 12.

Insect Sounds

This site provides descriptions, information, and pictures. By clicking on the word song next to each insect you can listen to the sound that particular insect makes.

Insect Visitors f Prairie Wildflowers in Illinois

This sight contains a list of over 100 insects that live around prairie wildflowers in Illinois. There are descriptions of these insects and the wildflowers they live in or get pollen and nectar from. There are also several interesting links.

Integrated Pest Management in Schools

Ways insects and other pests can be controlled in your schools.

Kids Gardening. COM

Learn how to create your own butterfly garden.

Lady Bug

This site contains information on all different kinds of lady bugs or lady beetles.

Let’s Get Growing

This site contains supplies for teaching science to kids K-12. Supplies for several great insect lessons can be found here.

Lighting Bug

This site has information about fireflies or lightning bugs and a printable diagram of a firefly with all the parts labeled.

Monarch Watch

This site contains Monarch Biology, how to raise Monarchs, information on milkweed, migration and tagging section, conservation issues, curriculum for the classroom, research projects, tips on butterfly gardening, a reading room, and resources and links to further information.

Other Insects

This site gives information and pictures of insects that live in Illinois. It also gives links to insects in other places too.

Pest Web

Learn all about pest control and the pest control industry.

Pet Bugs

This site contains care sheets, a BugQuiz, FAQ's, Supplies, and more on your favorite insect or arachnid.

Rearing Insects Indoors

This site will teach you how to raise and care for insects.

Snow Insects

This site provides information about insects that still live in the winter season particularly the snow flea.

Stag Beetles

This site contains information on raising beetles as pets.

Study Insects with Eric Carles

This is a WebQuest for first and second graders that uses Eric Carle books about insects. There is also a link to a teacher's page.

The Virtual Insectary

This site not only provides images of some common insects but includes information on the foods that they eat as well as the habitats in which they can be found.


This is a game for kids to play. They have to hit the roaches with the mouse before their time runs out.

Wings, Stings, and Leggy Things

This site gives lots of information on several insect of Illinois. There are also a lot of links for kids and teachers.


9) Illinois rocks and land formations

Grand Tower Rock

Discusses features of Grand Tower Rock at Grand Tower, IL. Provides a brief history of the landform.

ISGS Geological Field Trip

Provides viewer with information on the resources found in La Salle County, Illinois. Based on a filed trip covering minerals, landscapes, and resources within the county.

Apple River Canyon State Park

Describes the features of the park including how glaciers formed parts of the park’s rock formations. Website show pictures and tells of the parks many attributes.

Starved Rock State Park
Discusses features of the park’s rock and land formations. Gives a brief history of the park.

Virtual Journey Within the Rock-Cycle

This pdf describes a fairly new software program to assist students in learning about the rock cycle. Serves the teacher by revealing a computer program to build a land formation curriculum around.

The Castle on the Rock

Pertains to the features of the Rock River area. Puts student misconception of Illinois as being “flat” to rest.

"Rocks to Soil" Unit Activities

Provides the teacher with a unit on rock and soil. This site is geared towards grades 3 through 5.

Earth Science for Children

This is an elementary level lesson plan on soil in pdf. It discusses the aspects of land and soil.

Geology Field Trip Through Illinois

This site describes a 7-day field trip. It also provides viewers with the names and make-up of layers of soil and the resources in those layers.

Kankakee River State Park

This Website houses information on the park. It lists part of its recreational aspects as involving hiking along limestone canyons.

Illinois Caverns State Natural Area

Provides viewers an opportunity to go on a virtual tour of caverns. Also answers the question, “Why visit a cave, in the first place?”

Illinois Beach State Park

This is basically a recreation site. It would fit when talking about how glaciers changed the land of Illinois.

Gaylord Donnelley Canal Trail

This site provides pictures of canals built through rock.

Giant City State Park

A link to an Illinois State Park. Has pictures and information on rock formations both natural and man-made.

Dickson Mounds Museum

Website for students to explore aspects of archaeology. Ancient mounds were burial site for Native Americans.

Illinois Gallery

Viewers can get a glimpse of scenic rock and land formations located throughout Illinois. Not much more than photos.

Illinois EPA's Envirofun

Provides students with fun activities to do. Has vocabulary terms and fun facts available.

Turkey Run State Park

This is an Indiana park. It has many unique rock and land formation such as something called the “Punch Bowl.”

Shawnee National Forest

Students can view and research the land formations. They can also read articles about the park.

Article on Best Backpacking Spot In Illinois

Article portrays Shawnee as the hotspot for hiking rock formations. Has links to other Shawnee.

SIUC Daily Egyptian Article

An article on a rock climber and his adventure in southern Illinois.

Illinois Natural History Survey Biospeleology

Good informational Website when it comes to terminology. Includes both land and water cave exploration and life in them.

Illinois Cave Protection Act

An off-branch of site number 22. Students can learn about the state’s cave protection act.

Cahokia Mounds

Provides a full description of man-made mounds in Cahokia, IL. Tells the story of how these people could have been the earliest settlers in Illinois.

Millstone Bluff

Provides an archaeological account of Illinois rock art paintings. Topic is more on history of early Illinoisan settlers.

Glaciers in Illinois

Students can learn about how glaciers altered Illinois. Information also consists of how IL might have had certain species of trees carried down by southerly moving glaciers.

Glaciation in Illinois 

Explains how glaciers progressed through IL. Discusses how glaciers and flooding have affected IL.

New Madrid Fault Topography

Provides a map depicting how an earthquake altered IL landscapes. Covers more than the state of IL.

Making a Rock Collection

This is lesson plan for grades K-1. It provides the teacher with a list of materials and the procedures to follow the activity.

Rocks Are Different Colors

This is a lesson plan for grades K-1. Students compare the colors of rocks.

Glacier Climbing

This is a lesson plan for early elementary. Students construct a model of a glacier and track how it glides through a valley.

Rock Collecting

This is a lesson plan for grades 2-4. Students classify rocks as sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic.

Rocks and Minerals

Website houses a multitude of worksheets and fun sheets. Has crossword puzzles, mazes, and word searches for all ability levels.

Unique Landforms

This is a lesson plan for grades 3-4. Provides a materials list and vocabulary definitions.

Characteristics of Rocks and Minerals

This is a lesson plan for lower elementary. Students characterize and identify rocks and minerals.

Metamorphic Rock Pancakes

This is a lesson plan for grades 2-8. Students get a hands-on feel for how metamorphic rocks are made.

Rock Classification

This is a lesson plan for grades 4-6. Students will classify rocks into eight attributes -- color, shape, weight, sheen, hardness, layers, texture, and pattern.

Rock Cycle Fudge

This is a lesson plan for grades 4-8. Students simulate the rock cycle by becoming the forces that create and destroy rocks. Lesson activity is actually how to make microwave fudge.

Geological Time Machine

As utilized in earlier websites, this site offers a time line that corresponds to/with the Ice Age and glacier movement. Students can learn about the different stages Earth has went through.

Become a Rock Detective

This is a program available for purchase that gives students mysteries to solve. Provides the teacher with everything needed right down to the worksheets.

All About Glaciers

Gives the story behind them. Also gives links to how they are monitored to predict land changes.

Global, Environmental, and Outdoor Education Council Curriculum Resources

This is a website containing teacher resources. Some of the organizations have a fee to utilize their services.

Mama's Minerals: Teaching Aids

This is a website for teachers. It is a supplies store that is primarily rock and mineral oriented.

Rock Hound

This is a lesson plan for all elementary grades. It is a web-based activity dealing with the rock-cycle.

Rock Hound Puzzles

This is an accompaniment to the previous Website. It has links to crossword puzzles.

Homemade Rock Recipe

This is a lesson plan for upper elementary. It needs several days to complete, but students get the idea of the processes involved in making rocks.

Land Formations

This is a lesson plan for 2nd grade. It covers how land is developed, and lists several vocabulary terms to use.

What's My Landform

This is a Web Quest. It comes equipped with activities, quizzes, and other things that can lead students to develop knowledge for themselves on land formations.


This website shows examples of what some of the different landforms look like with a definition attached. This website is not specific to IL.


10) Illinois soil and land use

Agriculture in the Classroom

Several lesson plans for various grade levels that allow the students to explore the vegetation and soil in their home/school environments.

Association of Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts

This site contains information oh how to help young people learn about agriculture and conservation as well as an educational program (Envirothon) for high school student that teaches them about different types of soil as well as things such as wildlife and land.

Biodiversity of Illinois

This link provides different cd-roms that can be attained about the different types of land in Illinois, including aquatic habitats, woodland habitats, and prairie and edge.

Cleaning up Contaminated Soil

This site is from the Illinois EPA and talks about why soil around dry cleaning sites should be cleaned up. It would be helpful for students because it talks about the harmful chemicals that are put into the ground from dry-cleaning, how they get there, and where around the facility to look for them.

Conserving Natural Resources in Illinois

This site talks about how the land in Illinois has changed from rural family farms to commercial farms and urban development. It focuses on the different aspect of the soil in Illinois and provides information of how to protect crops. It also provides many links to other land and water conservation issues in Illinois.

Earthworms Good Turn

This site discusses the growing problem of having too much garbage and what it will do to our land. Then it goes into composting and earthworms and what they can do to help save the soil.


This site provides links for kids to find out more information about their environment. It contains information about how they can help recycle their land, a land quiz, and activities such as one about how earthworms help the land.

Farmland at Risk

This is an article about McHenry Illinois and how it is becoming more and more urban and the farmland is at risk. It discusses what a major industry farming is in McHenry, the different policies affecting farming in McHenry, and the future of agriculture in that county. It would be helpful for students living in this county or for any students to try and solve the problem and think of different things McHenry can do to protect their farms.

Fifty States. COM

This page provides information on the area of Illinois including the area of land and water, as well as many other helpful facts about Illinois.

Geography Land Websites

This site provides a series of links for geography land websites for kids. It has different land features ranging from Mt. Everest to facts all about all the states, to a place where students can create their own maps. Its great for students learning about specific land types such as mountains or volcanoes.

Geography of Illinois

This site provides factual information about the size of Illinois, where it is located in the U.S. and various other geographical features of Illinois. After that, it goes into the land of Illinois, discussing the plains, the Shawnee hills and the gulf coastal. Then it discusses the climate of Illinois. This site is directed toward children and therefore is very simple to read and understand.

History of Illinois State Soil

This site provides an answer to a question asked about the history of Illinois state soil; the drummer soil. It explains how it got that name and when it was named. It is interesting because it provides more personal information about the drummer soil.

How NASA studies Land

This site is designed for kids and provides information on how NASA scientists study land. It also provides links to multimedia sites that allow students to investigate different environmental topics.

 Illinois Earthworms: Indicators of Soil Health?

This is a great resource for teachers or students who are doing research on Illinois soil and how it is affected by earthworms. It has pictures of different earthworms along with their descriptions and discusses how soil is one of Illinois’ most popular resources. It talks about the different types of soil and what they are used for and then goes into detail about what the various types of earthworms do for the quality of the soil.

Illinois History

This site is about the history of who inhabited the land of Illinois in the past. It goes through all the American-Indian tribes that inhabited Illinois and tells where exactly in Illinois they lived. It would be helpful for a class studying Indians in Illinois and relating it to how they used the land where they were located.

Illinois Land at Risk

This page contains an article about how Illinois land is becoming at risk by there being less and less open land. There is a short article summary, or you can download the entire report.

 Illinois Land Records, Animated

This site shows an animated outline of the state of Illinois. In the lower left hand corner it says the year. As the years progress yellow and red dots appear on the map. The yellow dots represent where there were land transactions during that year and the red dots represent where land was privately owned during that year. It would be very helpful for students studying the history of land ownership in Illinois.

Illinois Land Use and Environmental Law

This site contains a lot of information on the use of land in Illinois and the laws associated with using that land. As for the land, it goes through zoning and water laws. After that it discusses a lot of environmental issues regarding the land in Illinois.

Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales

This site allows people to obtain land records for nearly 550,000 Illinois public lands including who the land was purchased by, when it was purchased, the number of acres, and the sale type. It would be helpful for students who are trying to find out who owns various areas of land in Illinois.


This site contains a lot of information about the land and climate in Illinois. There is a paragraph in the middle of the page about the soil in Illinois. It goes into great detail explaining the different types of soil in different regions and how deep those soils are.

 Illinois Soil

This is a site about Illinois. It is very short, but there is a paragraph that included the facts that the glaciers that once covered Illinois helped to contribute to its rich soil. It would be helpful for introducing the topic of how glaciers helped the soil quality.

Illinois Soil Ecosystems

This provides general information about soil which is useful for students studying the soil of Illinois or that of other states. Even more helpful, it provides lesson plans for late elementary and middle school about soil.

Illinois Soil Temperatures

This site contains information about the soil temperatures in different areas of Illinois. It is updated daily (at 4:00 pm) and shows temperatures from the previous day. It would be a good resource for comparing data of soil temperatures in the students areas to those in other areas of Illinois.

Illinois Soil Quality Initiative

This site provides information about what the Illinois Soil Quality Initiative is, as well as information on measuring soil quality, why farmers need good soil quality, and the different soils that assist in biodegradation.

Impacts of Changing Land Use

This is a paper that discusses the various impact of land use on the soil and environment. It not only gives the trends in land use, but also discusses the concerns with land use such as urban development and hardening of the landscape. It would be a good site for students to see the effects humans can have on the land.

Karst Land in Illinois

This site first talks about different areas in Illinois where there is Karst land and then goes into what to do to protect soil and groundwater. It also provides a variety of interesting pictures.

Karst Landscapes of Illinois Dissolving Bedrock and Collapsing Soil

This site provides information about what Karst landscapes are, how sinkholes form, and Karst regions in Illinois. It also provides pictures to assist understanding.

Land Cover of Illinois

This site information about the various types of land cover in Illinois such as: agricultural land, forested land, urban and built up land, wetland, and other land. Not only does it provide statistical information about these land types, but it also shows a map of Illinois and where these land covers are located on the map.

Land Use Changes in Illinois

This is an article about how the soil has changed in Illinois over the past 160 years and how that soil change is due to the ways land is used differently today than in the past. It is very helpful in that it gives percentages for how much of Illinois is being used for different uses.

Land Use Law

This site provides links to information about laws pertaining to the different types of land use. It also provides specific cases in which there were land citations. It would be helpful for students learning about how the land in Illinois can be used and things such as zoning laws.

Landform Maps of Illinois

This page provides links to various types of maps of Illinois that show its landforms. There is a shaded relief map, county map, black and white map, satellite image, and a postscript map.

Language of the Land

This site provides information about the land in the Midwest. It is a very poetic site, starting off with a poem about the Midwest and then showing pictures from places throughout the Midwest with captions about the area and its beautiful qualities.

Mysterious Land: Discovering Illinois

This page is a lesson plan designed to help students analyze the physical characteristics of a place and how they change. The activity introduces six different phases in the story of the landscape of northeastern Illinois and asks the students to find out where these locations are. After analyzing the information, the students find out that the locations are all the same Illinois.

Natural Ecosystems in Illinois

This site goes through all the natural ecosystems in Illinois (forests, wetlands, and prairie and grasslands). It explains what these ecosystems consist of and then provides a graph showing the land cover in Illinois.

Pictures of Land uses in Illinois

This site provides a variety of pictures on the different ways land is used in Illinois. It has pictures ranging from golf courses, to farms, to tracks. It is a good site to show students that the land in Illinois is used for a variety of things.

Prairies in Illinois

This site explains where the Illinois prairies are located as well as what is located in them. It also provides information about the soil and land within the prairies.

Prairies in the Prairie State

This web exhibit is about prairies, prairie development and the persistence of prairies in Illinois. It can be seen through various frames containing the content which break it up into categories and use pictures to help illustrate the content.

Purdue Helps Make Wise Land Use Decisions

This is an article from Purdue University that discusses planning with POWER which is a statewide initiative to link environmental planning with land use decisions. This site is about Indiana, but would be useful for students in Illinois because they could see Indianas initiative and try to think of ways Illinois could help link the environment with land use.

S.K Worm answers questions about Soil

This is an interactive site for kids where they can get answers to various questions about soil such as what does weather do to soil, and do soils come in different colors. It is perfect for elementary school age children and answers some interesting questions!

Soil in Illinois Just for Kids

This site is directed toward kids and describes what soil is, the importance of soil, soil activities, and resources for teachers about soil. It is a very interactive and fun sight and would be great for the elementary grades.

Soil Regions of Illinois

This site shows a map of Illinois with all the different soil regions color coded. It shows where there has been losses of soil as well as a glossary of terms for students who may not understand all the terms used on the site.

Soil Science Education Homepage

This is an interactive site that has a ton of information on soil! It has activities, soil in the news, soil stories, a soil of the month, soil for students, soil and the environment, plus much more. It is a great resource for teachers and students who want to learn about soil.

Soil Types

This web page describes the different types of soil in a kid-friendly way. It also provides the information in both English and Spanish which would be helpful for ESL students. It contains questions for the students to answer about soil and explains why soil is important as well as the nutrients that are in it.

Soil Types for Kids

This site explains the different particles in soil in simple terms that would be easy for young students to understand. It also discusses what the best soils are for different things such as farming and pottery.

State Soils

This site is very helpful in that the students can click on the link for any state and find out what type of soil is unique to their state. It also explains what state soils are and what makes them unique. For example, when the student clicks on Illinois, it comes up with the Drummer soil and gives information about the properties of that soil and where in Illinois the soil can be found.

Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois

This site explains the prairie type of land in Illinois. It would be helpful to students because it explains what a prairie is, how they are formed, the settlement of prairies and where they can be found as well as the different plants that grow in the Illinois prairie.

The Changing Illinois Environment

This page goes through all the environmental changes in Illinois including the land changes. It explains that injuries to the land have diminished drastically lately and describes the trends that have contributed to these environmental changes.

The Dirt on Soil

This is an interactive site for students that allows them to explore the layers of soil, look at different creatures that live in the soil, and go on a soil safari where they can pretend they are going underground and can navigate themselves to find life forms as well as see the different layers of soil up close.

This Land is Our Land

This is an article about how abandoned things such as railroad tracks, military bases and farmland should be preserved for recreational purposes and natural areas. It is a good site because it compares Illinois recreation sites to the rest of the states and provides ideas for what we should do to improve.

Worms Help Recycle Soil

This is a site directed toward children that explains how earthworms help recycle and improve soil in terms that are easy for children to understand.


11) Illinois trees

4-H School Enrichment

This site has ideas for teachers to use the trees to promote academic enrichment for the students.

7th grade tree project

This is a project that a th grade class did and then posted it and made it a website.

Another Tree Identification Site

This is another tree identification site out of NC State University.

Arbor Day Foundation

Site established to help in the preservation of our trees by increasing knowledge about trees. 

Authentic Tree Guide

This is a scientific look at any tree in North America and at more specific areas.

Asian long-horned beetles and Illinois trees

This story talks about the damaging effects the beetles are reeking on the trees of Illinois.

Campus Tree Tour - EIU

Takes students on a tour of the trees around Eastern Illinois' campus.

Cypress Trees

Site with a lot of photos of trees around southern Illinois.

Damaging Effects to Illinois Trees

The gypsy moth is becoming more of a problem with trees and this site reviews those problems and possible ways to stop it.

Department of Natural Resources

This link shows various types of leaves and information on those leaves  Also is a portal to a lot of other links related to Illinois trees. 

 Department of Natural Resources – Education

In comparison to the other site of Department of Natural Resources, this site is geared more toward education and finding resources for teachers about Illinois trees.

Elgin Public Museum Group Programs

A site that is filled with lesson plans regarding a lot of aspects but also has lesson plans dealing with trees.

Flowering Trees in Illinois

This is a site dedicated to showing students about the flowering trees of Illinois.

Foreign Pests and Illinois Trees

This is another article dealing with pests and their damaging effects on Illinois trees.

Forest Ecology for the Web

A site dealing with ecology and how the forests play a part in the ecosystem and homes for other animals in the ecosystem.

Forest trees of Illinois

A database of all forest trees of Illinois.

Forest tree guide

Lists the forests of today, years before, and how to conserve the forests right now around the state.


A site with a list of different links relating to Illinois trees.

Forestry Management

Site telling how to control and tend to a forest effectively without causing more problems than help.

Forestry Research

A list of many of the trees in a forest preserve that many college interns come to study about.

General Information on Trees

This site has a lot of different links and gives a description about just what trees are.

Growing Trees

A source for finding how to plant trees of different varieties and the care needed to maintain the trees.

Illinois Big Tree History

This site researches and displays  of the biggest trees in Illinois.

Illinois Flowering Trees

Site that talks about the different kinds of flowering trees that are native to Illinois.

Illinois Forest Resource Issues

Site talking about the issues facing Illinois forests such as landowners, road building, and environmental issues affecting Illinois forests.

Illinois State Environthon Forestry Resources

This is a site where a teacher can find a variety of different resources regarding Illinois trees and forests.

Illinois Tree Farm

A site talking about the people responsible for running and maintaining tree farms.

Illinois State Tree

A site that talks about Illinois’s state tree and its history.

 Illinois Tree Activity

This site gives teachers an activity to use in their classroom that is both interesting and interactive for the students.

Illinois Tree Article

An article talking about how farms could turn some of the forest into another income for money.  This could be used to probe how students feel about cutting down forests.

Illinois Tree Article

Another article talking about the different types of trees in Illinois and some basic characteristics of certain trees.

 Illinois Trees

Shows details photographs of  Illinois trees’ stems, roots, and leaves.

Illinois Trees

A site where  biology students put together a list of all the trees in Illinois and has made the sight interactive.

Illinois Virtual Forest

A virtual site where students learn how to plant trees and what precautions and care is needed to maintain them.

Kids for Trees

An activity for kids to teach about the trees of Illinois.

Klehm Aboretum

This site talks about the type of trees that are recommended to be grown in Illinois and is botanical gardens.

Missouri and Illinois Tree Drawings

A list of certain trees that can be found in Illinois and Missouri along the roadsides.

Plant Links

This site has links to a variety of different types of plants including trees.  The trees are alphabetized by state  Gives teachers a wide variety of things to look up.

 Replanting trees

This site shows what a company has done to replenish the trees in Illinois and how others can help too.

Super Science Links

This site has a lot of links to different aspects of science and also has a link to identifying different trees in Illinois.


A comprehensive list of trees and their families.

 Tree Characteristics

This site gives all the scientific information about trees both in Illinois and Indiana.

Tree Diseases

Different diseases that are affecting the hardwoods in Illinois and the surrounding states.

 Trees and Plants

A list of trees and plants and a brief description of the different types of trees in Illinois.

 Trees Near Our Schools

A site that has a variety of different links about trees in the US and also an activity for Illinois trees.

 Tolerance to floods

This is a chart indicating the tolerance of Illinois trees to floods during the growing season.

Tree Identification

This site helps students define trees by their leaves, fruit, and by common names.  There are pictures and descriptions to help students see differences.  The site was designed for Ohio trees, but much of the site works with Illinois trees as well.

Tree Resources

A site where teachers can order different activities from outdoor central and Illinois dept of natural resources.

Tree Rings Activity

This activity is intended for an older group of kids, but has the students compare the rings of older and younger trees to understand the relationship between the age of the tree and its rings.

USDA National Agroforesty Center

This site talks about all the factors regarding forests including livestock, carbon, water, etc


12) Illinois plants (flora)

Along the roadside

This sit is a table of different plants that you would find throughout Illinois.  The table lists the scientific name, common name, the natural habitats, wildlife attracted to it, special features, and more.


This website has information about the distribution of this plant in the state of Illinois.  It provides a distribution map.  It also gives some species background, a picture, and the scientific name for it.

 Big Bluestem

Prairie state grass.  This site explains what this grass looks like and the difference in it’s appearance throughout the summer.  It also gives other features of this grass such as the height.

 Big Bluestem Page

This site gives the scientific name for this plant and a picture.  It also has a link to another page to give you a map of Illinois and where this plant is found and also a link to the species information.

 Black Chokecherry

This website has a picture of this flower and gives the scientific name for it also.  There is a section of distribution information and species information.

 Blazing Star

Has information about this wildflower and what it looks like.  Also, gives prices because it is a flower that you could grow too.  The site gives information about how it looks and how to take care of the flower if you are going to grow it.

 Botanical Image Database

Has links to University of Illinois database and Southern Illinois database.  Gives images of flowers and plants found in Illinois.  Also, has many other links for different states too.

 Butterfly milkweed

This site provides information about the Butterfly milkweed which is found in Illinois.  There is plenty of info on this site explaining the description of the flower, the cultivation, the range and habitat, the faunal associations, and more.


This website contains a picture of Cat-tail and the scientific name for it.  It also has a section to show you map of Illinois and where you can find this at.  Also, there is an area on this website that will give you species information too.


This site contains many pictures of Cattails.  It also talks about the fact that Cattails are one of the most common wild foods.  Also in the information it describes what a Cattail looks like so you could recognize one.  There is other information on this site too.

 Chicago Botanic Garden

This site contains information about a certain trail and what type of plants, flowers, and insects are found on this trail in IL.  Also has a little bit of information on each of those and a small illustration type of picture.

 Common Cattail

This website has a lot of information on cattails.  There is a picture of it along with the scientific name.  The site contains information on the name, taxonomy, description, identification, distribution, habitat, associates, history, uses, reproduction, propagation, and cultivation of the common cattail.


This website gives the scientific name of a dandelion and a brief description of it.  It also shows a couple different pictures showing the different stages of a dandelion and what they look like at that stage.

 Dandelion Activity page

This site has a few activities to do about dandelions.  It also has some brief information about dandelions.

 Dandelion Celebration

This website contains some did you know information about dandelions.  It is a brief overview of a book about dandelions.

 Dandelion page

This page gives the scientific name, family, life cycle, reproduction method, appearance, occurrence, and much more information.

 Dense Blazing Star

Has a picture of the Dense Blazing Star and basic information about the flower.  It gives a description, when it flowers, its habitat, and that range where it could be found.

 Echinacea purpurea

This website has information about the Coneflower.  It has a few pictures and even gives information about the Purple Coneflower’s cousins.  This site also gives some brief information.

 Gallery of Illinois plant   

This site contains information on different lists of families, species, common names, and plants not found wild in Illinois.  When you click on any of those links hundreds of different names of plants and flowers come up in alphabetical order and you may click on any of them to find out specifics or a picture of whatever plant you are looking for.

 Grape Fern

This website will show you a picture of this plant and give you the scientific name for the plant.  It also has a section explaining species information and background and a distribution map.

 Green Milkweed

This website contains pictures of this plant and a map of the areas in the state where this plant can be located.  It also has species information and the scientific name of this plant.

 Illinois’ Best Plants

This site contains links to a plant search, plant glossary, index, resources, and more.  It gives information about what plants grow well in what parts of the state.  It also has different links to different gardens to explore or tours and general information.

 Illinois Department of Agriculture

This site has many different things you can look at.  It has different dimensions for plants that are grown in Illinois.  There is also a kid section that you can click on along with many other different categories of information.

 Illinois Prairie Garden

This page has links to many different Illinois prairie sites.  Under each link it gives a little information about the site.

 Illinois Prairie Page

On this website you can learn what a prairie is, where to find prairies, information on Illinois prairies and much more.  It also has a link to a site that is a prairie index and you can look for a certain prairie.

 Illinois State Flower

This site has information on the state flower which is the violet.  It has a picture of the flower and tells all about it.  It also has other state symbols on this page too.

 Kildeer Countryside

This site has a ton of information about Cattails.  There is an introduction and history section that has a picture.  It gives information about the start of this plant.

 Large Blazing Star

 This site gives the scientific name for this flower, a picture of the flower, description of it, location, and its habitat.

 List of Woody Plants

This site is an extensive list of plants native to Illinois.  The list is trees, shrubs, and woody vines that have been naturalized in the state.  The list gives the scientific name, common name, plant family, and if it was native or introduced.

 Meeds Milkweed

This site contains information all on Milkweed which is found in Illinois.  It gives information on the range where it can be found, it’s reproduction mode, and much more.

 Native Violet

On this website you will find information about the native violet that was adopted to Illinois in 1908.  There is information about the colors, where exactly it can be found, the nickname, and much more.

 Natural Resources

This is the Illinois Department of Natural Resources page.  This is the section on Summer prairie wildflowers and grasses of Illinois.  Has pictures and information on a bunch of different wildflowers and grasses.

 Plants of Illinois

This site contains few details about sunflowers, milkweed, and violets.  There are also a couple pictures on this site.  This page is created by an elementary school.  There is also a link to email the class.

 Prairie Hikes

This site has information about guided prairie hikes in Illinois.  It also has some pictures of some plants that you would find a prairie walk.  On the left hand side there are links to other pages for this site that contain more information in different categories.

 Prairie in Illinois

This page is a part of the museum link Illinois page.  It has information on Illinois prairies, some pictures, and a map of the state showing what parts of the state are considered to be prairie and what parts are considered to be forest. 

 Prairie Sunflowers

This site contains information about the Prairie sunflower.  It explains what it looks like and some key things about this flower that is grown in Illinois.

 Purple Coneflower

This website has a picture of this flower on it.  It also gives you some general things and information about this wild flower.  The scientific name is also given on this website along with height, germination, and much more.

 Purple Coneflower information

On this website you will find information about the Purple Coneflower.  It shows a couple different pictures and list characteristics, history, connections, and the scientific name.

 Silver Creek Conservation Area

The Chicago Wilderness magazine site that has an article and information about a conservation area in McHenry county in Illinois.  It explains a project that is trying to restore the native plants to the area. 

 State Flower

This site provides information on the state flower, the blue violet.  It has a picture of the flower and a brief description.


This website has a picture of a common sunflower and the scientific name.  It also has an overview of information concerning this flower.

 Sunflowers in Cook County

This site is for the Cook County forest preserve district.  It is a site dealing with information and details about sunflowers that grow in this region of the state.

 Swamp Milkweed

This site contains information on this type of milkweed that is found in Illinois.  There are pictures and a wide range of info concerning the description, location, and more.

 Tallgrass Prairies

This site has pages that give information about the formations of prairies, settlements of prairies, history of prairies, types of prairies in Illinois, and much more.  This site contains a lot of useful and helpful information.

 Tallgrass prairie plants

Contains pictures of many different plants and flowers found in Illinois prairies.  The plants are listed alphabetically by the scientific name of the plant or flower.

 Thinking Fountain

This page has some great pictures of dandelions when they are ready to release their seeds.  It gives information about how the seeds travel and has a few activities at the bottom of the page.

 Weed patch

This site has an extensive list of plants found in the Midwest.  You might have to double check the plant first to make sure it is in IL.  Also, on this website you can find a list of events that are taking place in the state that deal with plants and flowers.

 Wildlife Web

This site contains information about plants that are native to IL.  It also provides information about the benefits that planting some of these plants in your yard will give you.  Also, has some flowers and plants listed that you can click on for more information.

 WiseAcre Gardens

This site is a homepage that lists some wildflowers on it.  There are different sections of this page you can go to.  You can find info about violets, knapweed, pussytoes, and many more flowers that are found in Illinois.  This site has other flowers that may not be found in the state of Illinois also.

 Web of Species

This website allows you to go to a directory of plants in alphabetical order that you can click on and the site will give you more information about the plant.  There are plants found in Illinois on this site but there are also plants on this site that cannot be found in Illinois.


13) Pollution in Illinois


This site offers a series of fact sheets to answer common questions related to air pollution issues.

Air Pollution

This is a high school project supported by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory about Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution. There is background information, health effects, prevention, activities and other information.

Air Pollution Information

This site works to improve air quality by identifying air pollution problems, proposing appropriate regulations, conducting inspections, and reviewing permit applications.

Air Pollution Project

This site is an outline for teachers teaching about a local or global pollution problem.

Air Pollution Project: Links

You can find links to lots of sites related to air quality.

Air & Radiation

This site discusses the ozone layer, acid rain, urban air, vehicles, visibility, etc. There is information about effects, amounts, problems, programs for prevention as well as links to publications and resources.

Air Quality Index

The purpose of the Air Quality Index is to help you understand what local air quality means to your health.

Carbon Monoxide

This site provides information on how carbon monoxide affects the way we live and breathe.

Clean Air Engineering

This site contains Illinois air pollution Federal Regulations and programs.

Clean Air World

The State and Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators and Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials. You can find new references, links and possible contacts. Good place to link to state agencies that have data on air quality.

Cleanup Programs

This site offers a list a various clean up programs in Illinois.


This site is a relational database that integrates data extracted monthly from five facility-based EPA program systems with data, maps and links. It explains what is necessary to access the information.

Environmental Protection Agency

You can find out about legislation, monitoring, regulations, news, data and other information.

Environmental Regulations for the State of Illinois

This site is contains the environmental regulations for the state of Illinois.

Global Commons Institute

The Global Commons Institute is an international group. There is information about international effects of air pollution and possible solutions as well as links to other sites.

Good Up High Bad Nearby

A site dedicated to answering any and all questions regarding the Ozone.

Green Communities

This site helps communities find more effective ways for dealing with environmental challenges and planning for a sustainable future. This grant program supports community-visioning processes that build the capacity of communities to address local environmental issues through collaborative problem solving and consensus based decision-making.

Green Government

This site finds ways to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices into their day-to-day operations, from the goods and services they buy to the energy and water they use, to the waste they generate.

Green School Programs

This site has several programs that are designed to improve the ability of schools to provide a safe and healthy environment for all those who use their facilities.


This is a newsletter about the environment and the activities of the Illinois EPA. You can find current articles and back issues.

Ground-level Ozone Affects

This site provides information on how ground level ozone affects we live and breathe.

Illinois Air Pollution Control

This site includes environmental regulations affecting air pollution in Illinois, compiled by the Institute for Environmental Toxicology at Michigan State University.

Illinois Environment Protection Agency

This site includes permit application forms, annual reports, grant information, newsletters, pollution prevention tips, and fact sheets.

Illinois EPA - Bureau of Land

This site contains ways to protect human health and the environment by ensuring that hazardous and solid waste will be managed in a sound manner, and to reduce or control risk to human health and the environment by overseeing the cleanup of contaminated sites.

Illinois EPA - Bureau of Water

This sites objective is to ensure that Illinois' rivers, streams and lakes will support all uses for which they are designated including protection of aquatic life, recreation and drinking water supplies.

Illinois Land Use & Environmental Law

This site identifies and describes some of the primary land use and environmental issues of concern to business owners.

Illinois Pollution Website

This site includes information on environmental regulation, enforcement, legislation, and statutes for the State of Illinois.

Illinois Pollution is Worse Than 99 Countries Combined

This site provides a stunning article on Illinois’s pollution problems.

Lead Affects

The site provides information on how lead affects the way we live and breathe.

Make our water safer!!

This site provides a few steps Illinois EPA can take to make all of Illinois' waters healthy again.

Midwest Region Air and Radiation Division

This site is the local region of the EPA, which covers Illinois and other Midwest states. It includes local resources and stories as well as other links.

Natural Resources Defense Council

The NRDC is a non-profit organization providing information on current environmental issues. You can find news, information, an online journal, technical materials on the environment, as well as links to other environmental sites.

Nitrogen Oxides

This site provides information on how nitrogen oxides affects the way we live and breathe.

Noise Pollution

This site provides a stunning article on noise pollution and its affects on society.

Particulate Matter Affects

This site provides information on particulate matter and how it affects the way we live and breathe.

Pesticides Environmental Effects

This site provides information on ecological effects or toxicity of pesticides and its breakdown products. There is also information on the chemical fate and transport of a pesticide in soil, air, and water resources.

Pollution Prevention

This website promotes pollution prevention through a variety of educational, technical assistance, regulatory integration and voluntary recognition initiatives.

Pollution Prevention Services

This site includes air permits, waste and wastewater permits, SPCC plans,
TRI reports, site assessments and pollution prevention services.

Radiation Division

This site explains what radiation is, health risks due to exposure, and an overall introduction to radiation.

Region 5 Waste

Many things that we all encounter in our daily lives can pose a threat to our limited land resources, and, in turn, to human life and health. Among others, the following Region 5 programs and initiatives actively address the many environmental threats to our land.

Region 5 Water Goals

We will use these goals and milestones to report more comprehensively and consistently to the public and to environmental decision-makers on the status of surface and drinking water resources.

Six Common Air Pollutants

Has information on sources of the pollutant, why the pollutant is of concern, health and environmental effects, efforts underway to help reduce the pollutant, and other helpful resources.

Society of Environmental Journalists

You can find articles and news here. There is a search feature where you can search for concepts and keywords.

Smog Who does it hurt?

What you need to know about the Ozone and your health.

Statutes, Legislation, and Regulations

This site contains statues, legislations, regulations, and acts that pertain to Illinois pollution control.

Sulfur Dioxide Affects

This site provides information on how sulfur dioxide affects the way we live and breathe.

Vehicle Emissions Testing

This site provides a reference that will help automotive repair facilities understand and communicate the facts about the Illinois vehicle emissions inspection program to their customers and employees.

Waste Minimization

Waste Minimization is a waste management approach that focuses on reducing the amount and toxicity of hazardous waste generated. In addition to hazardous wastes regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Water Pollution Control Guide

This site helps people find easy-to-understand solutions to your compliance obligations relating to water pollution control.

Waste Prevention

This site provides waste prevention methods.


14) Illinois State and Federal Parks

Adventure to Starved Rock

This site provides an example lesson plan which includes a field trip to visit Starved Rock State Park.

Apple River Canyon State Park

This site for Apple River Canyon State Park gives information about park visiting hours, location, and activities.

All about Rock Cut State Park

This page includes information about the history of the park, camping, swimming, hiking etc.

Art at Buffalo Rock State Park

This site describes five sculptures molded from clay. It is titled “Effigy Tumuli” in tribute to the Native American burial grounds.

Beall Woods State Park

This site provides information about the history of the park, and it also includes information about the wildlife and trees at the park.

Biking at Moraine Hills State Park

This site provides information and pictures about Moraine Hills State Park. Also it provides a list of useful books.

Cave-In-A-Rock State Park

This site describes what the park offers as well as its history and directions on how to get there.

Chicago Wilderness Magazine

This is a magazine article about Chain O’Lakes State Park.

Custom Aerial Maps

This is a really neat site where you can make a map of the parks from an aerial view.

Discover Illinois

A fun site for students to be actively involved

 Ferne Clyff State Park

All about Ferne Clyff State Park!

Fox Ridge State Park: Photographs

This page provides a few beautiful picture of scenery from Fox Ridge State Park.

Fun for Kids

This webpage provides information on Illinois for kids.

Gallery Zone

Teachers can have students work about parks posted on this website.

Get Outdoors

At this site you can search parks to travel within the different states. When you click on each hyperlink it gives you information about that park.

Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council: Federal, State, County, City Parks

This site suggests links for certain states, including Illinois, state park fishing areas.

Hiker Central

This site provides information about hiking in Illinois national and state parks and forests.

Hike with your Dog

This site gives suggestions of state parks in Illinois that you can bring your dog with to go hiking.

Historic Peoria

This page provides information about Rock Island Trail State Park.

History of Matthiessen State Park

An overview of the history of the park is provided at this page.

Illinois Association of Park Districts

This site has educational information about topics of interest to park and recreation professionals.

Illinois’ Best State Parks

This page provides a description of a few of the best state parks in Illinois.

 Illinois Bicycle Trails

This site allows you to find bicycle trails at various locations in Illinois, including many state parks.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

This site provides a tour of Illinois state parks and includes information on camping, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, resorts and educational programs.

Illinois Park and Recreation Association

This site provides list of conferences, workshops and videos that teachers may use.

Illinois Recreation Areas

Lists state parks and recreation areas by regions and includes a description and directions of each park.

Illinois State Parks

This page provides pictures and information on certain state parks in Illinois, and it also provides useful links.

Lincoln Trail Homestead Park

This page is connected to the Abraham Lincoln Online site. It gives information about the park and its significance to Lincoln’s family.

List of Illinois State Parks

Provides information on various Illinois state parks and includes the city in which that park is located.

List of State Parks in Illinois

This site alphabetically lists Illinois state and national parks.

Matthiessen State Park 2003

This site provides a number of beautiful photographs of Matthiessen State Park.

Mississippi Palisades State Park

This site provides information about the park listed above.

National Park Service

At this website you can search for parks by state, city, map and zip code.

NPS School Zone

Provides curriculum based information for teachers on the national parks of Illinois and other states.

Oregon Illinois

This site gives information on parks and recreation in the city of Oregon.

Palisades State Park

This page provides information about the park, including activities that are available there.

Ranger Zone

This site provides information for students that want to become junior rangers at certain state parks.

Rock Cut State Park

This site is all about Rock Cut State Park, and it also provides a helpful map.

Siloam Springs State Park

This site provides information on Siloam Springs State Park which is located in Clayton, Illinois.

Smokey Kids

This website is not directly about Illinois state parks, but it provides information on how to protect the outdoors, which could be helpful when learning about the parks.

Starved Rock

This site was created by a man who has visited the park since he was a young boy. He included a cool trail map of the park and a link to upcoming events at the park.

Starved Rock State Park

This site has maps, photos and directions for visiting Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Park

Starved Rock State Park and Surrounding Areas

This page provides information about the history of Starved Rock State Park, and it also offers suggestions and extensions for teachers.

State Parks of Ogle County

This website provides information on White Pines and Lowden State Park.

Students & Teachers: Links to Learning

This web site provides links to educational information related the protection of parks. All of the parks are not in Illinois, so the teacher needs to check that out beforehand.

Tallest Trees

This site does not provide much information, but it does list the tallest trees by state. Illinois’ tallest trees are at one of its state parks.

Teaching with Historic Places

This website provides information and lesson plans on teaching using historic places, such as state parks.

Teacher Workshops

List of park-sponsored teacher workshops that are designed to help teachers use park resources in the classroom.

Web Rangers

This site provides activities that are grouped by age into "Ranger Stations." Students can complete activities to qualify for an award.

Wildlife Prairie State Park

This site offers educational programs and printable teacher pages from school based programs.


15) Illinois Natural Resources

A Look at Illinois Agriculture

This is a website that is brought up on Adobe Acrobat Reader and has great facts and statistics on different states.  Would be very useful in the classroom.


Website with numerous activities to use about the Earth in your classroom.

AG-tivities for Soil-minded Citizens

This website is a great science site that has great links for students.

Agriculture in the Classroom

A great website which has so much for teachers as well as students.  There are teacher’s resources as well as a Kid’s Zone where they can visit and do interesting activities.

Ask the Answer Worm

This is the United States Department of Agricultures website.  Here your students can ask S.K. Worm different questions about soil.

Auntie Litter

A great website trying to protect our natural resources.  It’s full of recycling games for students to learn about the three R’s.

Becoming an Outdoor-Women

This is a great website for students to see the different activities they can do while using Illinois Natural Resources.

Careers in Natural Resources

Through this website your students can read about different careers that involve working with natural resources.

Director’s Green Youth Awards Program

This is a website where you can learn about how to apply for the award for your students.  It includes contact information.

Earth 911 Kids

A website which has information for different grade levels to learn about the environment.

Earth Times

This is a website containing current science news 


A fantastic website with teachers guides to several areas of science, including Soil and Ecosystems.  Each area provides numerous activities to use in your classroom.

Eddy the Eco Dog

Students can ask this dog questions about the environment.

Educating Young People About Water

This is an interesting website on different activities on water.  It would be great to use with the students in your classroom.

Educator’s Reference Desk

This is a great website for any teacher.  It offers a variety of lesson plans on every subject, including Illinois Natural Resources.

Educator’s Tools

This is a website featuring great links for Illinois learners.


Great website on Illinois Environment and how to protect our resources.

Environmental Education Association of Illinois

Great website that educates people on the importance of protecting the Earth.

Environmental Pathways

Website about the youth investigating pollution issues in Illinois.

Explore A Pond

This website has information on adopting a pond and it shows you virtual tours.  Would be a great activity in a classroom.

Fossils of Illinois

Website would be great to use with your students when studying fossils.


This website shows students how their community can reduce waste.

Geo Mysteries

A fun interactive website where students can help Rex solve mysteries about rocks, fossils, and minerals.


This website contains maps of Illinois that you can use in your classroom.

Illinois Agricultural & Natural Resources Law

This website is very informative about many different aspects of the laws in Illinois about natural resources.  This would be better used with older grades.

Illinois Department of Agriculture

This website offers several links for land and water resources.  Included in the web page for Watershed Park, which would make a great fieldtrip for students in Illinois.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

On this website you will learn about the diversity of the prairie state.  There are several different links through this website that would be helpful in the classroom.

Illinois History Page

Various topics on Illinois that could be used in the classroom.

Illinois SOILS Project

This would be a great website for older grades because they could review the summaries of each year and do projects with the different data.

Illinois’s State Fossil

Website giving information about the Illinois’s State Fossil, very informative.

Illinois State Geological Survey

This website answers questions students and teachers may have about natural resources.

Industrial Minerals Information

Great website offering different maps and information.

Just For Kids

This website is full of links for students, some of them on Illinois Natural Resources, help with homework, etc.

Kids’ Science Page

This is one of Kathy Schroch’s website which offers 100’s of links for your students to use, many of them on agriculture and natural resources.

Mineral Information Institute

This is a website that is designed to help you teach your students about the importance of our natural resources.  Here you are able to download pages to reproduce for your students.

Natural Resources Extension

A very informative website mainly for teachers, not students.

Natural Resource Lesson Plan

A great lesson plan on how to get your students to think about where the natural resources we use come from.

Nature Works

A fantastic website that goes through how a sixth grade classroom in Illinois built a wetland and shows how you can build your own.

Our Natural Resources

This website contains various information about Illinois grasslands.  It also provides information and several picture but not helpful links.

P2 That Kids Can Do

Website on pollution prevention information and activities for kids and teachers.

Project WILD, Aquatic, Learning Tree & WET

This website is part of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  It educates teachers and students on the different activities they can participate in.

Quest for Less

This website is a teacher’s guide to Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.


This is a great website to use in your science classroom.

Science Education Resources

Great website with loads of science links.

Science News Online

This is a weekly online news magazine of science and would be very helpful for your science classes.

Science Teaching Ideas

This is a website with earth science activities, quizzes, worksheet, and power points.

Smog City

An excellent website that shows students how their choices, environmental factors, and land use contribute to air pollution.

The Watershed Game

Another interactive website about fresh water.  Students enter their name and play the game online.

Water Resources of Illinois

Website with pictures and information on Illinois water.

Water Science For Kids

Website with tons of links to websites on water.

Wetlands Information

This website has great articles about the different aspects of Illinois wetlands.


16) Deciduous Forests

All about Deciduous

This is a great website for kids to explore. It has great pictures of animals found in the forest that you can click on to learn more about.

American Forests

A website with tons of information about the forests in America. It has current news along with information about the history of forests. You can even become a member of this site!

A Teacher's Dream

This is a great website for teachers. This site has a brief description of deciduous forests and many links to other sources of information pertaining to the topic. There are great ideas and educational opportunities on this page for students and teachers.

All the Biomes

This website includes a brief overview of the biomes of the world including the deciduous forest. Great resource for teaching about the biomes.

Biome Investigation

Using picture/graphical resources on the Internet as starting points, intermediate students investigate the six biomes of the world in this lesson plan. Two specific objectives are to describe the major factors that shape biomes and to represent the connections between the factors that determine biome development and plant and animal life.

Biomes of the World...In Action

This site includes a complete teacher’s guide for teaching deciduous forests for grades 5 to 8. It includes discussions, activities, print resources, and internet resources.

Canada's Forest & Stewardship      

Five documents are available that contain information about Canada's sustainable forest management.

Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition

Supported by Canadian forestry industry, this menu page leads to information and issues concerning Canada's forestry practices for today and the future. The following list provides a direct link to educationally related pages.

Deciduous and Coniferous Trees (Lesson Plan)

This is a great lesson that is part of the Educator’s Reference Desk website. It is for grades 3-5 where children learn to distinguish between coniferous and deciduous trees. It also has links to useful websites about forests.

Deciduous Forest Biomes

This is an exciting website full of pictures of animals and vegetation related to deciduous forests.

Deciduous Trees

Very informative website that contains all the different types of trees found in a deciduous forest. Pictures of each are included, along with descriptions.

Deciduous using Art

This is a great way to incorporate art into your unit on deciduous forests. It is a lesson on finding the oldest tree in your neighborhood, researching all about it, and then drawing it.

Deciduous WebQuest

This is an awesome WebQuest all about the deciduous forest set up for 3rd through 5th graders. It is easy to follow and is very useful.

Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website. This is a great website if you are looking for links to many teaching activities and information about deciduous forests.

Eastern Deciduous Forest

This is a great site for teachers. There are pictures and maps of where deciduous forests are located. There is also information about where you can buy books on Biomes.

Eastern Forests: Deciduous/Mixed

This website has a lot of background information and details about the deciduous forests. It also includes pictures of the wildlife and trees found in that habitat.

Experiments Mania

This website consists of three experiments you can try or have your students try. This is a great site connected to the squirrels and acorns site.

Fantastic Forest

This is a great website from National Geographic Kids. It has an interactive virtual forest that you can actually go through and explore. Great website for kids!

Forest Animals

This website has information all about forest animals. There is general information and very specific information on many different species of animals that live in the forest.

Forest Features....Lesson Plan

This website has a great lesson plan about forests for teachers. The lesson plan integrates technology into the study of the forests.

Forests, Forests, and More!

This is one of my favorite websites. It is loaded with information about deciduous and coniferous forests. There are over 40 links to things relating to these forests. There are also over 20 lesson plans for teachers posted on this site.

Forest in a Jar

This is a lesson plan from the Educator’s Reference Desk website. It is intended for grades K-6. The lesson contains clear objectives and instructions that are easy to follow.

Forest Information for Teachers

This website plants one tree seedling in North America every time you visit it. It has a lot of information about forests.

Forest Regions of Canada

This website contains a hot linked map leading to a description of the trees and animals in each region's forest. Also, this page summarizes Canada's forests and describes coniferous and deciduous trees.

Forests, Trees, and People

This website is part of the Forests, Trees & People Program's networking activities. The network is designed to share information about improving community forestry activities and about initiatives of interest to its members. Contributions are welcome.

Global Forest

This website is a great for teachers to use as a resource. It has lots of information about conservation and educational programs. It also has information about how you can help conserve the forests.

Illinois Forests

This website has tons of background information all about the deciduous forests in Illinois. It includes maps, characteristics and climates of forests in the Illinois region.

Just for Kids...

This is a great website to have your students log on to. It is all about tree shapes. There is a game to let you design your own tree along with links for other tree adventures.

Kids Korner.....Biomes

This interactive website is perfect for kids to explore. It has questions and answers all about the forest along with great pictures too.

Learning About Forests

On this page you will find addresses and links to various organizations with an interest in forests, forestry and forest-education.

Only You....

This website is part of the Smokey Bear website. It includes information about forest fires, how to prevent them, and good verses bad fires.

School Time Science

School Time Science introduces the Earths forests website. This website created for kids provides many links for students to learn all about forests.

Seeing the Forests and the Trees

This is a part of the EcoKids website and has many interactive activities for children on it. On this website, there is a glossary of terms, links to other websites that contain forest information, and other resources.

Smokey for Kids

This is a great interactive website that features Smokey the Bear. There are links entitled, Bear Facts, Smokey Mail, Campfire Games, and In the Forest that children can explore.

It’s a great website for kids.

Smokey's Vault

This website has all the history about Smokey the Bear. It includes facts from Smokey’s campaign and the story of Smokey himself.

Squirrels and Acorns

This is another great website for students. The page is all about squirrels and acorns and includes great facts about both. There are also experiments and links to other activities on this website.

Seuss Lorax Introduction

This website contains the Lorax’s Save the Trees Game based on a great book written by Dr. Seuss. It is a wonderful interactive game you could have your students play that is all about saving the trees.

Teacher Feature

This is a good resource page for teachers who want to teach about deciduous forests. There are good ideas for how to teach about the forest in every season.

Temperate and Boreal Forests

This website contains four articles discussing the nature, extent, and future of old growth temperate forests in the Pacific Northwest, Europe and Russia.

The Forest

This is a simple website that defines exactly what a deciduous forest is. There are a lot of great facts available to learn all about deciduous forest

Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of Temperate Forests. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.

The Place

This is a great website for 3rd to 5th graders to go to. It has actual video footage and pictures from a deciduous forest. There are many interactive activities available on this site.

Tons of Trees

This website is full of tons of information all about the trees and plants you would find in a forest. There are links for specific tree species, plant information and identification, and even projects for kids!

Tree School

Canfor Corporation provides resources for students (e.g., wood trivia, career information) and teachers (e.g., primary and intermediate lesson plans). Note that Adobe Acrobat is needed to access the lessons and the Flash 3.0 Plug in is needed for some of the kids' resources.

Unit on Deforestation

This is a unit 2-3 week unit intended for grades 9-12 that is found on the Educator’s Reference Desk website. It teaches the students the importance of the forest, explores what the forest offers, and helps them determine what they can do to help sustain the forest.

Urban Forestry Lab Exercises

This is a super website for teachers to use. It has lesson plans and lab exercises for elementary, middle, and high school students.

What Comes From Trees?

A great website that includes a fun activity for children to participate in. It is an interactive quiz that has them click on all the things they think are made from trees.

 What's It Like Where You Live?

This is a great website full of lots of information about where these forests are located, what causes seasons and links to leaf identification.

 What Tree Is It?

An excellent website about tree identification. It shows you three ways you can identify a tree. It has links on how to identify them by leaves, by fruit or by name.

 Why do leaves change color in the Fall?

A great website put on by science made simple. It lets kids learn all about why the leaves change colors in the fall. It is a website full of activities and projects for kids.


17) Wetlands

ABCTeach Wetlands

This offers worksheets to teachers about the wetlands. It offers handouts and different worksheets for students and also offers decorations to use in the classroom. Some of the items are free from the site and others you must be a paid member. 

Audubon Defines What Wetlands Are

This site has information about how some wetlands in Michigan are being saved. It is a good site to learn about what must be done to help save wetlands in general. 

Books on Amazon

This offers a list of books about the wetlands. This is a good way to read about the books and then order the books if so desired.

Book Review of Wetlands of the Midwest

This site offers a review about the book of Wetlands of the Midwest. It tells a lot about what the book is about and whether or not it would a book a teacher would want to purchase to learn more about the wetlands.

Chicago Botanic Garden

This Website offers good field trips options for teachers. The field trips are to the Chicago Botanic Garden. It offers several different exhibits that students can interact with. There are exhibits such as rain forests, deserts, grasslands, wetlands, and many others.

Colorado Wetlands Program

This website offers information about a wetlands program is that is going on in Colorado. It has links to more pages about the program and who is on the team as well as what the program does and what the point of the program is. 

Egyptian School- Wetlands Project

This site offers a look at a school that did projects about the Cache Wetlands that are located in the southern part of Illinois. It offers information about the Cache Wetlands and things they did in school that could be used in any classroom.

Environment and Nature Training Institute for Conservation Education

This site has an article about the ENTICE program. It tells how ENTICE is used to teach the natural resources, such as wetlands of Illinois. It describes a program that could be adapted to any classroom when teaching about wetlands and natural resources. 

Environmental Protection Agency-Wetlands & Waterways

This site offers a link to wetlands. It has information on what the wetlands are, why they should be protected, and how they are protected. Each of those categories are broken down farther and are filled with a lot of information.

Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Commission

This site gives information about the wetlands in the Great Lakes Region. It gives characteristics of the wetlands, the extent, and status of the wetlands. 

Great Lakes Directory: "Midwest wetlands almost gone but may still have most species"

This site offers information on wetlands in the Great Lake region. It also offers ways to get more information on wetlands in the Great Lake regions. 

Illinois Atlas

This site offers information about the wetlands in Illinois such as the history and where they are located. It also offers links to other natural resources in Illinois.  

Illinois Data

This site offers a great deal of information. It defines what wetlands are and the history of wetlands specifically in Illinois. It also has where you can obtain more information about the wetlands in Illinois and whom the information can be obtained from. 

Illinois Leader

This site talks about whether the Senate should be passing bills to protect wetlands in Illinois. It is a great way to bring current issues to the classroom and see what is going on with the wetlands today. 

Illinois Natural History Survey Library

This site is about the wetlands research guide. It offers many links and readings about the Illinois wetlands. It is a site that is rich in information for a teacher. 

Illinois State Museum

This is a great site for teachers. It answers questions about getting a kit on the wetlands to use in the classroom such as what grade it can be used for, what the kit is and how to obtain the kit. It is gives the names and addresses of many different people who the kit or other wetland information can be obtained from. 

Illinois State Museum Geology Online Lesson Plan

This is a link to a lesson plan. The lesson is on Native Americans, but an extension that is given the lesson is to talk about the wetlands. It would be a good lesson to tie in when learning about Native Americans. It also gives printed resources about Illinois Wetlands as well as online information.

Illinois Wetland Protection Act Update

This site offers information on the wetlands in Illinois and if they are protected. It ties in well with Illinois Leader. It talks about what lands are protected and which are not and if they are protected by the state or federal government. 

Illinois Wetlands Inventory in Illinois by County-Lines

This site offers information about where the wetlands in Illinois are. It gives where they are divided by county and gives all the geographical information about the wetlands. 

Illinois Wetlands Reserve Program

This site talks about what is being done with the wetlands in Illinois. It also offers maps of where the projects to protect the wetlands are located and what is being done to preserve the wetlands. 

In 2 Edu Thematic Units

This site offers information on thematic units on wetlands. It has many links for teachers to go to learn more about wetlands. It is a great way to get ideas on what to teach on the wetlands and offers weeks worth of ideas. 

 Information Site About Wetlands-Kids Based

This site offers information about wetlands. It is geared toward children rather than adults. It is a good way to let the students in a class to use the Internet to search for information about wetlands. 

ISBE Wetlands

It gives the Illinois standards that can be met through learning about the Wetlands and Ecosystem. IT provided sites to go to depending on grade level. It offers sites that will provide ideas and lessons that will cover the standards. 

Kane-Dupage Soil & Water Conservation District

This Website offers links to other sites for many different natural resources. It has links for teachers for wetlands and other natural resources. 

Kiddyhouse Worksheets

This site offers worksheets to use in the classroom. It specifically offers a worksheet on the wetlands. It also offers many other worksheets for students about animals, earth, science, and other subjects.  

Lesson Plan on Mississippi Wetlands

This is a Website from education world that offers a lesson plan for teaching about the wetlands. This lesson plan is for 6th grade and higher and covers math and science. 

List of Links Related to Illinois Wetland & Wetland Restoration

This site offers many links to other websites about the wetlands in Illinois. It also has links for children to go to learn more about the wetlands in Illinois. 

List of Wetland Articles about Great Lakes Wetlands

This site has articles from Wetlands Issues. It contains articles about how wetlands can help certain areas, how they are being lost, ways to save them, and much more. It is a great site to read more about wetlands. 

Midwest Environmental Consultants

This site offers a listing of projects that are being done such as wetland projects. It offers links for many projects. 

National Wetlands Inventory

This site has information about where wetlands are and are mapped out on the site. It also gives data on what has been happening in the past years to the wetlands and what is being done to save them. 

National Wetlands Research Center

This site offers a link to information about wetlands such as what they are, why they are important, and what has been happening to the wetlands in past years. It is a rich site with information that a teacher could use to create lessons and use the information to pass onto students. 

North American Association for Environmental Education

This site offers other links for teachers about natural resources. It also offers classroom resources. It is a great site to get ideas, lessons, and materials when teaching about the wetlands and other natural resources. 

Northeast Illinois Wetlands Conservation Account

This site provides information about wetlands and how they are being saved. It tells about each of the wetlands in Illinois that is trying to help and how they can be helped. 

Ohio Wetlands

This site offers information about the wetlands in Ohio. It is a good way to learn about wetlands in general to gain more knowledge about them.

Prairie Wetlands Learning Center

This site offers information about wetlands. It shows what some students did to help with the wetlands in their areas. It also has an area for you to obtain information about wetlands. 

Project Wetland

This site is about a project that was done in middle school. It describes the project in great deal so the ideas from it could be used in another classroom. It is also broken up into teacher area and student area so that the site can be used by both teachers and students. 

Research About Wetlands of the Future

This site offers information about how wetlands are being saved and what is being done by the U.S. government. It helps give ideas on what is happening to wetlands and how they can be saved. 

Research About Wetlands of the United States

This sites talks about the values of the wetlands. It has different pages to view within it that talk about the wetland soils, the problems of saving the wetlands, the different types of wetlands, and other information about wetlands. 

Sierra club

This site offers newsletters as well as information on natural resources such as wetlands. The user of the site can read about any state. You can have information sent to you as well as emailed. This is a good way to get general knowledge about the wetlands to pass onto students. 

Strategies of the Midwest-Storm water/Wetlands

This site is rich with information about wetlands in many areas such as Illinois and neighboring states. It has links that lets the user go to a specific area to read about. It talks about projects that are being done to save the wetlands and helps the user of this Website learn more about the wetlands. 

Teaching Theme: Wetlands and Ecosystems

This site offers activities, posters and many other things a teacher would need when teaching about the wetlands. It offers the whole wetlands theme in this one Website.

Twingroves District96

This site offers a virtual journey through the wetlands. It offers handouts that can be used in the classroom. It lets the viewer interact and see what human life does to wetlands and other natural resources. It is a good site for both teachers and students. 

Wetland Discovery Trunk

This site offers at what grades teacher should be teaching the wetlands and about natural resources. It offers guides, videotapes, books, and other materials that teachers can use in their classrooms and how they can be obtained. 

Wetland Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan for 7th grade and on. The students will learn about the wetlands and more natural resources. The students will be doing a lot of research in this lesson plan and use the Internet to get information. It also offers websites that the students can use. 

Wetlands Lesson Plan Grades 2-6

This is a lesson plan for grades 2-6. The students will learn about the wetlands as well as migration. The objective of this lesson is for students to become more familiar with the wetlands in their area. 

Wetlands Reading List Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12

This site is filled with books about the wetlands for all ages. The site divides the books by grade level they would be appropriate for and then gives a summary and comments about each book for each level. This site is great for teachers and it is a great site to learn about books before actually purchasing them.  

Wetlands Restoration Links by State

This site offers links to all states natural resources. It gives links for sites for different areas of Illinois to work with such as, Chicago, Mississippi River, The Great Lake Region, and so on. It has links to resources that teachers would need as well pictures, and ideas for teaching about the wetlands. Wetlands Restoration Links by State.

Wisconsin Wetlands

This site offers information about the wetlands in Wisconsin. It gives information that can be useful in learning about wetlands. 

Wisconsin Wetland Association

This site offers information about wetlands that are located in Wisconsin. It tells where to get more information about the wetlands in Wisconsin and whom to contact. 

Worksheet on the Wetlands

This is a site to get a worksheet about the wetlands. It asks the students questions to get them thinking about the wetlands as well as general information about wetlands. 


18) Lakes, Ponds, and Waterways

Chicago River Lock

Site talks about the lock, how it works, and facts about the lock

Illinois and Michigan Canal

Information about the canal, including historical information, planning a visit, and information that would be of interest to kids

Ohio River

Background information about the Ohio River, including where it flows, the history of its navigation, etc.

Kankakee Area Fieldtrips

Information for teachers about fieldtrips for teachers and their classes in the Kankakee area, including a fieldtrip (with activities) to the Kankakee River

Prairie Rivers Network

Information about rivers and streams throughout Illinois. Provides information about events, educational activities, and different locations of rivers and streams throughout Illinois.

Waterways Experiment Station

Contains labs that can be done on the internet pertaining to waterways

Wetlands, Oceans, and watersheds

Information from the EPA about different waterways throughout the natio 

Calumet Sag Channel

History and map of the Calumet Sag Channel and surrounding area

Shedd Aquarium

Information for students relating to all waterways and the life found within them, including fresh and salt water bodies of water


Information about waterways throughout the United States, including facts, waterway systems, and a media centers

Ponds and Lakes

A site for students with tons of information about lakes and ponds, including pictures of the Great Lakes from space

Lakes and Ponds

Provides information about lakes and ponds and the habitats they create. Also has virtual tours on the internet of different areas

Nature Works

Site includes information about all aspects of nature, this link leads to information about ponds

Chicago River

Facts about the river, volunteer opportunities, and programs that students can get involved with relating to the river

Hot Springs

Facts from the National Park Service about the Hot springs, including history, information for kids, and fast facts


From the National Park Service, a site dedicated to everything water

Des Plaines Watershed

About the watershed found on the Des Plaines river, conditions at the watershed, links, etc.

River Network

A site dedicated to helping people understand, protect, and restore rivers and their watersheds

River Watch

National Weather Service page that marks the conditions of the rivers around the country

Michigan Lake and Stream Association

Dedicated to the lakes, rivers, and streams of Michigan, including resources, outreach, and preservation information

Science Daily

This site contains research in science areas, this particular page address the effects of acid rain on lakes and rivers. Includes many links to other research articles for lakes, rivers, and waterways.


An online environmental community that provides links and other information about protecting our lakes, rivers, and waterways.

Great Lakes Ecological Assessment-Provides ecological information for the Great Lakes and the waterways the branch from i

A Guide to Understanding and Monitoring Lakes and Streams

A guide for citizens about how to go about monitoring their lakes and streams in order to better understand and assist and protect them

Earth’s Water

Provides information directed towards students that provides definitions, links, and pictures that students will enjoy

Rivers and Streams

From, a page full of links for both students and teachers about rivers, streams, etc.

National Geographic’s Geography Action

A site geared towards students that provides activities and information about rivers and streams and how to get involved in helping to protect them

Great Canadian Rivers

Offers information on the history, ecosystem, culture, recreation, and economy of great Canadian rivers from coast to coast

Discovering the Amazon River

An interactive site for students to explore the Amazon river and the people and animals around it

Congo River

From Fact Monster, a colorful and informative site geared towards students about the Congo River

Danube River

Provides information about news archive, facts, and information on related projects

Euphrates River

Describes the Asian river's animals, history, and current pollution problems

Ganga River

Information about the history, myth, animals, and problems surrounding the Ganga River

Hudson River

Virtual tour, teacher resources, and student projects all pertaining to the Hudson River

Bridging the Watershed

From the National Park Service, a site that helps teacher to bring the classroom outside for their students

Nile River

An exploration of Egypt from NOVA, including an exploration of the Nile River

Wild Egypt

Online safari featuring facts and photographs about the creatures of the Nile region

Great Wall Across the Yangtze

Detailing the construction of the largest dam in the world which when finished will produce the energy of 15 nuclear power plants and be one of the greatest engineering feats

Thames River

An education and conservation charity dedicated to introducing people to the River Thames

Water Wise

Conservation program for grades 4-8 about living wise and using water wisely

Water Science for Schools

Information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, and maps, from the U.S. Geological Survey

Everything Water

A site from PBS that covers everything about water, including sources, uses, and conservation

The Nature of Water

Provides information on the properties of freshwater, the hydrologic cycle, where water is found, and the forms that it takes

The Great River

A site dedicated to the Mighty Mississippi River. On this site is information about the natural history of the Mississippi River, recreational opportunities, links to books, and links to more information about this Illinois border.

Mississippi River Basin

A site that explores the many aspects of the Mississippi River, especially its river basins. It includes fun facts about the Mississippi River, information about each of its basins, links to activities, and organizations concerned with the Mississippi River.

Apple River Canyon State Park

A site that is devoted to a state park located near the Wisconsin border. This site talks about the importance of the river it possess, the history of the area, and some activities that can be done at Apple River Canyon State Park and other parks around the state.

The Great Lakes

A site dedicated to all five of the Great Lakes. Site includes information on the history, environment, ecology, economy, and living creatures of the Great Lakes. Provides educational information and links to other resources. 

TEACH the Great Lakes

A site that contains an entire unit on the Great Lakes that a teacher can use in their classroom. Includes information on each lake, with maps, figures, and background information.

Illinois Rivers

Information about rivers and canals throughout Illinois

Habitat Guides for Lakes and Ponds

Information about the species of animals that will be found in different water environments including lakes and ponds



19) Ways to Integrate Science in Your Classroom

A to Z teacherstuff


This site has many lesson plans and unit ideas for integrating science topics.


AIMS Education Foundation


This site has free activities for integrating math and science in the classroom. Also includes links to an online store, magazine, and professional development.


CIESE-- -- Internet Resources For Science & Math Teachers


Lots of resources for integrating technology in the classroom such as classroom projects and other resources for teachers.


Classroom Integration Ideas - Science


TONS of links for ideas and resources for teaching various science topics.


Ed Helper


Units and web quests based on science topics as well as integrating science into other areas.


Electric Teacher


Science based theme units for integration throughout subjects.


Elementary Science Integration Projects


Provides information such as books and classroom connections for science integration.




This site provides information on integrating by using epidemiology in the elementary classroom.


Food Chains


Lesson plan integrating the Internet and science.


Grade 3-5 units


Units for grades 3-5 that can be used for integrating science and technology into other subject areas.


Home Page for Science Educators


Run by a science teacher, this site has many links to science activity and information websites.


Home School Learning


Although this is a pay site, it does contain a page of units for free with 6-8 lessons each. Many are science topics with integration.


In 2 Edu


Thematic unit ideas including science integration in the classroom.


Integrating Science


This is an article discussing the challenges and rewards of integrating science.


Integrating Science K-5


This website has tons of links to teacher resources as well as a listing by grade level of topics for science study and integration.


Integrating technology in the elementary classroom


This gives resources and ideas on using technology such as email, web quests, and other Internet based materials in the classroom.


Integrating Technology into the Science Classroom


This is a professional article discussing technology and science integration in the classroom.


Integrating Technology into your Elementary Science Classroom


Click on a grade level to find out information about including technology in various topics in science class.


Integrating the Web into your Classroom


Ideas and how to get started on bringing Internet based activities into a classroom.


Internet in the Classroom


Uses for Internet in various subject areas of the classroom, specific ideas are given.


Its a Jungle Out There!


Lesson plan integrating science and the Internet.


K-6 Educators- Theme Units


Links to places to find theme units for k-6 curriculum.


Lesson Exchange: Integrating Math/Science/Reading (Elementary, Reading/Writing)


This is a brief lesson plan idea for integrating math, science, and reading in the classroom.


Lesson Plans Page


Lessons, units, and other information on various science topics and integration into other areas.


Locating and Using the internet with science


This is an article with lots of info on technology and science integration, lots of video clips from experts.


Math and Science Education


This site offers links to teacher resources on math and science integration.


This is an article with information about integrating science and conservation topics.


NSTA - National Science Teachers Association


This site provides teacher resources on how to integrate science into the classroom such as trade books, available grants, and articles with more information. Also includes the national science standards.


PBS Teacher Source


Lesson plans for different aspects and topics of science.


Reading and Writing in the Science Classroom, Dr. Patricia Bowers


This is an article with ideas of how to integrate reading and writing in the science curriculum. It also gives an example of how to produce an integrated unit.


Reading-to-Learn and Writing-to-Learn Science Activities for the Elementary School Classroom.


This is an article that pertains to reading and writing as part of the science curriculum.


Resources for Theme Units


Book resources teachers can buy for specific topics for units.


Resources on Integrating Science


This provides a list of resources to find out more information about integrating science.


SEDL Paso Partners - Integrating Mathematics, Science and Language: An Instructional Program


Resource for integrating science for Spanish speaking students K-3. Provides English and Spanish versions of lesson plans and activities.


Songs for Elementary Science Curriculum


This article discusses using music in the science curriculum. Links at the bottom of the page provide song lists based on various science topics.


Subject Integration


Provides information on how to begin integrating subjects as well as some lesson ideas and activities.


Subject Integration and Rainy Day Activities


Provides resources and ideas for integrating activities during indoor recess or PE time.


Teacher Timesavers


Lessons, units, and activity ideas for science and other subject integration.


Teachers Toy Box


Under construction, but has many lesson and unit ideas for science and other topics. Also includes links to freebies and free resources.


Teaching Theme Units


Ideas for integrating by teaching thematically.


Technology Curriculum Integration Ideas!


Ideas for integrating technology throughout the curriculum. Many are computer-based ideas.


The Teachers Corner


Unit ideas based on science topics with integration into other subject areas. Provides many web resources for each topic.


The Teachers Guide


Lessons, ideas, units, and clipart, all useful in integrating across the subjects.


Thematic Units


This website has various thematic units which are integrated throughout the curriculum.


Thematic Units and Lessons


Links to pages containing units and lessons for interdisciplinary learning.


Thematic Units in the Classroom


This is an article discussing thematic units, also includes a question checklist of necessary things that units should accomplish.


Thinking Fountain


Useful as a resource on various science topics. Also includes links to activities and ideas.


Using the Web to Create Theme Units


Explains what a theme unit is, how to use it, and how to make one using the Internet as a resource.


Weather Unit


A unit that integrates the Internet with science and other subject areas.

Writing Units for Early Childhood Classrooms

This is an article discussing how to compile information and ideas and how to basically write a successful theme unit.


20) Science Resources for Teacher

123 Child

This site has over 2000 lesson plans and has great resources.  For this site, teachers can find many resources such as:  Thematic units, activities, and they have a newsletter.

A+ Learning Galleries

This is a site full of resources for science and technology.  This is a site open to students, teachers and even parents.  It offers ideas for teaching and learning about science.

A Book in Time

This site has a list of books that are for history classes but I think that they can be used by cross-curricular studies.

A Kids Heart

This site has all sorts of references for teachers.  There are many sites and links connected to this site that are very useful.

A to Z Teacher Stuff

This site has all sorts of great resources.  It has many lesson plans, tips, and thematic units.

ABC Teach

This site is for teachers and a teacher created it.  It has over 5000 free printable worksheets and activities.  Has a membership opportunity so that they will email you there free newsletter.

 ABC Teaching Jobs

This is a site that teachers or pre-service teachers can go to find jobs.  This site is a free site to look at jobs and post resumes.   For this site you enter your resume and then you will receive information online for different jobs.

Alphabet Soup

Contains resources for both teachers and parents.  This site has recipes that are geared toward five year olds.  It also has many other items such as:  thematic units, activities, lesson plans and much more.

American Teachers

This offers great resources for teachers, parents, and students.  This is a site with many helpful activities.  It offers over 280,000 lesson plans and this is a site that is appropriate for children. 

Awesome Library

This is a site that has resources for teachers, parents, librarians, students, and kids.  It has all sorts of books and other resources for different subjects.

 Busy Teachers Café

This is a site for K-3 teachers that are very busy with teaching.  It has many lesson plans and other activities.  The site has a mailing list that can be joined and it is sent to the email address. 

 Can Teach

This site has tons of other links and lesson plans with activities.  You can look up the other links by using what subject.  Then this site has everything from songs, poems to lesson plans. This site has songs for several different occasions.

Creative Teaching

This is a site designed for teachers to make teaching more creative and to teach with enthusiasm.  It has ideas to make class periods more interesting and fun.  They are trying to help the teachers to make the day more interesting for the students.

 Discovery School

At this site, it has many other links and areas to choose from.  For example, curriculum center, clip art gallery, video clips, the teacher’s store and much more.  This site is great for teachers and students.

Education Helper

This site has everything from lesson plans to thematic units.  You can even join to become a member of the education helper.  This site also has many other resources such as: activities, crossword puzzles, BINGO, math worksheets, and more.

Education Station

This is a site that is from Canada but every teacher will think that it is useful.  This is a site full of teacher’s supplies and it shows some wonderful ideas for the classroom.  It even has a monthly newsletter.

Education World

They call this website the “Educators Best Friend.”  It has many wonderful ideas.  This site has a today’s new section.  This section tells exactly what is new with the website.  This site has everything from professional development to lesson plans for teachers. 


This is a math and science site for teachers.  This site is located at Ohio State University and is funded through the U.S. Department of Education.  This has a free publication that is sent out weekly which is called the ENC Focus.

Enchanted Learning

This is a site that I just learned about at our last practicum experience. The teacher needed a last minute idea for a filler and found it on this website.  It has many great resources from different themes.  These themes range from many subject areas.

Fun Brain

This is an interactive site for teachers in grades K-8.  It has a lot of lessons on math and how to make it fun and interesting.  Then it has links to other games for the other content areas.

Fun Lesson Plans

This site has lesson plans for all sort of different areas.  It has things such as:  reading centers for older students to preschool themes and activities.

Game Aquarium

This site has interactive games for ages Preschool through 3 years of age and then 3 through 6+.  This site has games that children can play and work on certain areas that need some help.  For example some children can work on their ABC’s or 123’s by playing a game.

Homework Spot

This is a site where students can go to get help on homework.  Teachers make up this site. It even has helpful hints on where to find help when writing such things as book reports.

I Love That Teaching Idea

At this site you will find ideas of all kinds.  This is a site that teachers can place good ideas on and then other teachers can use them in their classrooms.  This site has ideas from Art to Math and some learning centers.

Kid Zone

This site has fun facts for kids.  When you login it has a fun fact for the day and they are really interesting facts that you don’t normally think about.  It has everything from thematic units to lessons from all content areas.

Learning Page

This site has free teacher resources.  It has fun sheets and books for all sorts of activities.  All of these activities are professionally produced.

Lesson Plan Search

There are over 2000 lesson plans to choose from with all sorts of different categories.  This is a great resource for teachers because it has so many different types of categories with different lessons.

Lesson Plans

This site has lesson plans for all ages.  It has themes and other lesson plans by subject.  You can search and browse this site for certain lessons or themes.

Lesson Plans Page

This website has over 2000 free lesson plans.  You can choose from a menu or by subject to see lessons or activities. This site is a site for students K-12 grade.

Marco Polo

This is a site for educators; it has lesson plans and other resources.  This site is used at our university in a technology class.  This is a great informational website for students to look up information.

Primary Games

This site contains games that teachers can use within their curriculum. They cover topics like language arts, math, social studies, and science. Not only does this site provide the games, but it also provides additional information in choosing which activities would be appropriate for different grade levels.

Pro Teacher

This site provides information regarding lesson planning, exercises, and even up-to-date education news.  Teachers can also find books, materials, and a variety of activities that cover a range of different teaching subjects.


If you want books and activities to get the students reading, then this is the site to go to.  Not only does this site offer sales of popular children novels and activity books, but it also provides teachers and parents with materials to encourage their students and children to continue learning.

School Express

This site is perfect for teachers looking for thematic unit ideas and free educational worksheets.  It also provides free downloads for lesson plans, activities, and even contains an online store for additional educational purchases.

School House Rock

This site offers some fun learning exercises complete with lesson plans, worksheets, and activities.  It also provides learning information, which covers several subjects like grammar, multiplication, and science.

Science Page

If you’re looking for science worksheets, lesson plans, and lab activities, then this is the site for you. It contains a large archive of science learning activities covering a numerous selection of biological studies.

Songs 4 Teachers

There are over 500 songs for those teachers who want music in the classrooms but would rather not sing.  This site has numerous songs that go with any special day or just an ordinary day.

Sue Lebeau

This site has many links and other resources for teachers and parents.  Sue is the creator of this website and she has had over 30 years of experience.  This site also has many links and fun worksheets for kids.

Teach Net

This is a site full of resources to use for certain months.  This site has lesson plans for every content area.  Also this site has a list of ideas that will help the teacher to cut preparation time down.


This is a site full of resources and links for teachers to go.  It has links to organizations and sites for all ages.  There are specific sites for each age level including parents and teachers.

 Teachers Helping Teachers

All of these lessons are teacher created and came be used by other teachers.  They do ask for teachers to submit their ideas online to help others.  The site has all sorts of interesting ideas and resources that are great.  The site has a stress reliever, and topics for the week. 

Teach Wave

At this site you can enter your resume and see what employers are looking.  This is a site that is free to all schools.  You just submit your resume and they will do the rest.

Teaching is a Work of Art

This is a site that you cannot just pass up looking at.  The color scheme and the looks of this site are fabulous.   It has many resources such as: worksheets and lesson plans on many subjects. 

 Teacher Planet

This website is for teachers only.  This site has lesson plans, thematic units, and worksheets


This is a site full of resources and links for teachers.  You can submit, browse or request lessons.  Teachers submit the lesson plans.

Teachers First

This is a site full of resources for grades K-12.  This is a very easy website to assess information.  It has everything from classroom resources to professional resources.

The Teacher’s Corner

This site is a site full of wonderful resources such as:  lesson plans and thematic units of all different ideas. The lesson plans are put into subjects or content areas.

The Teacher’s Guide

This site has everything from lesson plans to places that are hiring for teachers.  This website offers great resources for teachers who are needing some ideas for lesson plans and/or thematic units.

Timesavers for Teachers

Not every teacher has time to make up lessons for everyday, so that is why they made up this site.  This site has worksheets and already to use forms.


This is a site for students; it is just like yahoo for adults.  This is a safe search engine for students and for teachers to get ideas for activities.  This site is great for students and teachers because it has resources.  This is an interactive site for students to play games and look up information.


21) Free Items for Science Teachers

Potpourri of items: Not restricted to Illinois or the environment.

ABC Teach Directory

 I love this site!!!  Free worksheets, thematic unit stuff, puzzles, etc…

 About: Free Word Search Puzzles

 Free word search puzzles for your classroom.

 About Discounts

Free kindergarten kit for teachers, education stuff, and real coupons.

Helpful articles about k-8th grade students. Help students with, Arithmetic, Reading, Spelling, Handwriting, Vocabulary, and Geography.+ Free Stuff

Agencies & Organizations participating in the FREE Working Group. 

50 government agency sites for teaching and learning resources. Also online learning materials.>school

 Free stuff for schools, teachers, and students

 This is a resource site for educators and parents. Resources and free stuff for science, math, online reference books, special needs, etc…

Arlana’s Corner

 Free wisdom kit for kids with Diabetes. Free kid’s magnet, information, printable coloring books, plus lots more.

 Artsonia Teachers

 K-12 student art museum displaying school gallery artwork for free.

 A to Z Teacher Stuff

 Free lesson plans + links to other teacher things.

 Butterflies Of North America

 Free resource to learn all about the butterflies that inhabit North America.

 Free worksheets, lesson plans, teaching resources and activity ideas for schools and primary teachers.

Daily Apples.Com

 Teacher appreciation ideas, teacher gifts and other free

 Freebies for Everyone--Megasites

 Games, clip art, catalogs, plus a whole lot more.

 Free online tutorials and courses for educators and others.

 Free Stuff: Specializing in Translated Foreign Children’s Books.

 New free Spring stuff – bumper stickers, buttons, and posters.

 Free Teaching

 Lesson plans, encyclopedia articles, clipart, & write guides.

 Freeware Games

 Free games without attachments. For 3-7 years old.


Free games for grades 1–6.

 Gander Academy

 Great Free Clipart! They have planets, holidays, flags, animals, + lots more.


 Free classroom clip art available from Discovery School. Lots of cool stuff.

 Free things from preschool to high school. Free teacher downloads and links to more free stuff.


 Free e-books about Autism, printables, and other stuff.

 Just Free Stuff! Freebies For Teachers

 Free stickers, books, posters, contests, games…-Free to teachers and youth leaders.

 K-12 Science Education Resources

 Shortcuts, information, free kits, lesson plans, help with questions and lots more…

 Learn Spanish

 Learn Spanish online for free.

 Lisa’S Freebies

 Free educational stuff- videos, posters, safety packs, etc…

 Marco Polo

Free site especially for Social Studies teachers. Great lessons, teacher guides, and lots more.

 Maxie’s Magnificent Guide to… So Cool Free Stuff

Free stuff for kids and teachers. Cute Site.

 Mineral Information Institute

Provides k-12 teachers with free geological, mineralogical, earth science, lesson plans & classroom materials about earth’s ecology and natural resources.

 Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies

Free educational site featuring interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles, message boards, etc…

 Ms. Lindquist: The Tutor

 Free intelligent tutoring.

 Neuroscience for Kids- Free Stuff

 This site contains web pages that you can contact for free materials about the brain, neurological disorders, and drug abuse. 

Pastimes and Paradigms: Games We Play 

 Antique and contemporary games, rare books on rules, strategies, and recreation.

 Christian site for teachers. Free lesson plans, free baby things, recipes, posters, plus more. 

P. T. Quigley, Inc.

 They provide personalized text book covers and folders free to schools.

RHL School

 Free worksheets on Reading Comprehension, English Basics, Math Problem Solving, Research Skills, and Math Computation.

 School Zone

 Free educational things for teachers.

 Teacher Stuff

 Free daily newsletter with inspirational thought for the day, coloring pages, resources, plus more.

 Teacher Tools

 Games- Wordspell, Color Shapes, Five-in-a-Row, and Playnotes. Computer tools for teachers- some not free.

 The Right Stuff for Teachers

 Free reproducible PDF materials. Learn the facts about alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and ideas and activities to teach about these.

 The Teachers Guide

 Free educational software, clipart, and printouts.

 To Learn

 Free materials to learn/teach English. For ESL/EFL learners/teachers.

 Totally Free Stuff

 Freebie web page – Crayola 100th Birthday pin for teachers

Teachers and Librarians

 Get free stuff, such as: picture book posters, Rosemary Well’s Max and Ruby Activity kit, and Madeline Says Merci event kit.

 The Bridge

 Free resource for teachers. Ocean Sciences Resource Center.

 Video Placement Worldwide

 They provide free educational videos and print materials to teachers, librarians and youth leaders

 Free web page for teachers, web content, and web tools.

 Wow, It’s Free Stuff For Teachers!

 PBS Teacher-source database, games, worksheets, flashcards, video archive of all the presidents, plus lots more.

 Zone FAQ

 Scholarships, Grants and other Free Stuff.