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Elementary Science Activities

The following are activities that could, with some modifications, be used with most elementary classes. Most, however, have been constructed for the purpose of teaching, modeling, or re-teaching elementary pre-service teachers.

1. Cartesian Diver 11. Making Permanent "Snowflakes"    
2. Cola-Cola Float 12. Fooling Your Senses    
3. Water is So Cool! (4 activities) 13. Fruit Float    
4. Making Play Dough 14. Pop-Pop Boats    
5. Light As Air (6 activities) 15. Seeing 60 Cycles    
6. More Properties of Air (8 activities)      
7. Levitating Marble      
8. Properties of Movement #1 (3 activities)      
9. Gak, Flubber, or Slime?      
10. Silly Putty, A Successful Failure      

Students should print out the activity sheets in advance of the lab activity and bring them to class.

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